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Where to Display Wall Art- Dallas Photographer

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Where to Display Wall Art – Dallas Frisco Photographer – Me Ra Koh Photography

Where to Display Wall Art - Dallas Frisco Photographer - Me Ra Koh Photography

Jessica is a Labor and Delivery nurse. Recently, she finished an intense degree for becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. This will allow her to serve women throughout their lifespan in an even greater capacity. I love what she wrote in her email inquiry to us “This photographic experience would allow me to not only celebrate this accomplishment but also give me a tangible memory (portrait) of my transition in a new season.”

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

At Me Ra Koh Portraits, we don’t just take family portraits. We capture and create fine art of the season to display as gorgeous, celebratory wall art in your home. I love what Brian says “It’s positive propaganda for your daily life.”

So when our team is helping a client decide where to display wall art of their family or themselves, we ask three questions;

The First Question

What do you want to feel every time, every day, you see your wall art?

If they’re not sure, we ask a handful of other questions. Before Jessica’s photo shoot, we not only talked with Jessica but with her parents, boyfriend and best friend to gain as rich a perspective as possible on who this beautiful woman is.

Words like determined, spunky, and compassionate came up several times. These are also attributes Jessica values in herself. All these dynamics help guide us on how to capture what Jessica wants to feel every time she sees her wall art.

The Second Question

What do you need to remember every day?

Jessica said she needed a tangible representation of her strength. She accomplished her goals, and other women can too. Every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to bed, she wants to remember the truth. The answer to “Where to Display Wall Art?” for Jessica was all of sudden clear…her bedroom.

Her truth is that “You’re stronger than this challenge. You’ve come to far to turn back. Stop and breathe. Remember to not just survive this journey but to enjoy it too.”

The Last Question

What truth do you want to speak into the future?

I’ll never forget the moment she saw this portrait of herself. She was in awe and tears. Jessica never had a photographic experience like this. Having her hair and makeup done for the photo shoot are the complete opposite of her daily life in scrubs and a hair bun. What a treat! And doesn’t she deserve it?

Investing in beautiful wall art of herself versus waiting till she was engaged, married, etc. felt odd at first. But she has worked so hard the last two and a half years. That’s why she emailed. This experience was a reward that would last forever on her walls. She’s a champion for all the women she helps as a nurse. And deep down, she knows the importance and power of being a champion for herself too.

What Jessica Said After the Photo Shoot

See Her Initial Reaction to Seeing It In Her Home (our favorite!)

Where to Display Wall Art in Your Home

Every client chooses a different place in their home. Sometimes it’s the kitchen, family room, or for Jessica, her bedroom. Taking the time to go through these questions before the photo shoot, helps each person think about the location of their wall art as a strategic decision. Like Brian says “This is positive propaganda for your daily life and family. Where is it going to have the most impact for the one(s) who need it most?”

The Question Before All These

But before we dive into where to display wall art in your home, we start with one of our signature Discovery Calls to learn who and what means most to you in this season. That’s the first step.

Schedule a Discovery Call with our wonderful team. Through asking thoughtful questions, we help you uncover the touchpoints that mean most to you. This is a photographic experience unlike any other! We can’t wait to talk with you!

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  1. Brian says:

    Jessica, you have so many different looks! Your photos turned out amazing!!!

  2. Me Ra Koh says:

    Her soul has such depth and joy! Powerhouse girl!