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24 Ways to Help Mom Shine in a Photo for Mothers Day

Me Ra Koh

This week is all about celebrating Mom whether we get to do that in person in TX at Flourish or through the blog posts!

What better way to make Mother’s Day this Sunday unforgettable then capturing a beautiful photo of mom?

With my dear friend, Sarah Wilkerson–the fearless and beautiful CEO of Clickin Moms, (if you haven’t checked out the wealth of photo inspiration at Clickin Moms, you must), and my awesome team of CONFIDENCE teachers around the country, together we have come together to give you twenty four different photo tips for helping mom shine in a photo!

Photos of mom are so important, they are the visual legacy we leave our children.  When my kids are older, I want them to have a rich collection of images of their mama so their kids, and the generations to follow, will know how much I loved life.  Even though I endured seasons of great pain and deep loss, their mama still shined from within.


Photo: Brian Tausend  / Sitting on top of Egypt’s Sand Dunes, 2013.

Every mom has that beautiful, inner, shining spirit.

Follow the link to my Babble column for 24 Ways to Help Mom Shine in a Photo this Mother’s Day.



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