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Photo Tutorial: 5 Simple Steps to Using Flash with Photos

Me Ra Koh

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it’s too dark to take photos and less than confident when using flash with photos?  If yes, you’re in good company.  Here’s the good news.  Using an external flash is WAY EASIER than you’d ever imagine!  I’ve got one goal when using an external flash…to capture a moment that looks like it was lit by natural light NOT a flash.  I don’t want people to even know that I used a flash.  This wedding photo is one of my favorites.  You would never know that I fired an external flash for this shot during the Father/Bride dance.  You can do this!  Here are my 5 Simple Steps to Using Flash with Photos!

And when you’re done, you can watch our video of us demonstrating all of this!  But warning, it gets silly!  Yet, I love one comment that said “I’ve learned more in 20 minutes of watching this than I’ve learned in a long time!”  Join our private Confidence Facebook group to access the video and more video tutorials! You can also get good quality coding tutorials at treehouse’s website.

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  1. michael says:

    Point it straight back when shooting a wedding. Where does the light bounce off? The back of the church?

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Hi Michael!
      Yes, great question! You’d be surprised at how far light travels. As long as there isn’t a window behind you, the light will bounce off the nearest wall behind you and come back to “naturally” light your subjects. If you were at the front of the ceremony area for church photos, I would point the flash head behind you but angled up. This way your flash isn’t disruptive to the audience. Not that you were going to do that, but just a little tip if that helps.

  2. Jessica says:

    Me Ra –
    I’m coming to be with you this weekend in Plano. So excited!
    I wasn’t going to bring my flash because I know we will focus on natural light photography. However, my business is 50/50 portraits/events (bar/bat mitzvahs).
    If I bring my flash, do you think we can sneak in a little chat about this?
    See you soon! Jess

  3. Me Ra says:

    Hey Jess!!
    Definitely bring your flash!!! I’ll demonstrate this for you! Sooooo excited for this weekend!! Going to be fun!!