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7 Tricks for Engaging Toddlers in Photos

Me Ra Koh

Over the last decade, I’ve learned some serious tricks for engaging toddlers in photos that I love to teach moms and photographers alike.  Toddlers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph!  You’ve got to approach them with a bag full of tricks, otherwise, you’ll be quickly frustrated.  Right?!  Good news, capturing great moments of toddlers is possible!  They are full of wonder, curiosity, emotion and playfulness.

Here’s a funny story to prove this is all possible.  Over the years, Sony has invited me as one of their Artisans of Imagery to speak at Photo Plus Expo in NYC (one of the largest photography tradeshows in the US with over 20K photographers attending).  Picture the Sony stage with thousands of people walking around the tradeshow floor.  The other camera manufacturers are all there with stages too.  Their professional photographers are doing awesome photo shoot demonstrations on the stages, but all their subjects are beautiful models.  Leave it to me to want to mix it up!   I bring in toddlers for my photo shoot demonstrations!  Yep, I’m crazy!  But if I can capture great photos of toddlers on a chaotic tradeshow floor with hundreds of people watching, imagine what you can do at home with these favorite 7 tricks for engaging toddlers in photos!

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