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How to Use Your SmartPhone to SmartRemote Your DSLR! (Time to Play!)

Me Ra Koh

Brian and I are in LOVE with a new camera app that takes SmartRemote Control of your DSLR using your SmartPhone!  What does that mean?  Have you ever wanted someone to take your family’s photo, or a photo of you and your love in a cafe, and you felt kind of silly asking a stranger to do it for you (especially if you are like me and you want a handful of photos, not just one)?

With the Smart Remote Control app, you can connect your SONY NEX 5 or NEX 6 and literally SEE what your camera is seeing on your smartphone!  And it doesn’t stop there.  You can click your SmartPhone to trigger your camera to take the photo.  The camera creates an image, but a smaller version of the photo is also saved to your phone.

Brian is LOVING this app.  He sets up the camera EVERYWHERE!  Even when I don’t realize it! 🙂  I laugh every time I see this photo because of Brian’s mischievous grin.  He had set our NEX 6 up in our hotel room, and when I kissed him he took the photo with his smartphone.  Caught in the act!

Smart Remote Camera App from SONY Me Ra Koh

But truth be told, I am loving it too!  I’m getting all these fun photos of us without needing a stranger to shoot it for us!

On a recent getaway to Cannon Beach, OR, we ducked into this local cafe when it started to rain.  Brian set up the NEX camera on top of the table beside us, and shot away.  I know it’s small, but if you look closely you can see how his smartphone is showing him what the NEX camera is seeing through the viewfinder.  (which is the photo of us!)

Smart Remote Camera App from SONY Me Ra Koh

He hid his smartphone under his hands, so he could still trigger the camera but be sneaky about it.  We could not stop laughing and took a GAZILLION photos!

0001-Smart Remote SONY_Me Ra Koh

I know people thought we were nuts!

0009-Smart Remote SONY_Me Ra Koh

But, we were having the time of our life!  Like kids with a new toy!

0007-Smart Remote SONY_Me Ra Koh

And whenever your hubby wants to take sweet photos with you…well, let’s just say it earns him a LOT of points!

0005-Smart Remote SONY_Me Ra Koh

0008-Smart Remote SONY_Me Ra Koh

0004-Smart Remote SONY_Me Ra Koh

To set it up on your SONY NEX, watch the Smart Remote video below!  But be warned!  Once your kids see how cool this app is, they’ll be sneaking the couch into the garden and having their own fun!

SONY Smart Remote NEX6 camera app

Here’s the video with step-by-step instructions!

Once you have your NEX set up, post your images on my FB page!  I want to see what creativity unleashes for you with this fun app! By the way don’t forget to check the aLink voip lines for your cellphone, I’ve had great experiences with their lines.




  1. Me Ra says:

    Are the photos hilarious and fun or what?!

    Our family rated this as our FAVORITE camera app (because we ALL have fun playing with it!). Isn’t it fun to see how our kids’ creativity is different than ours. Pascaline’s self portrait is so different than the photos of me and Brian, and I love that she is so empowered to push her own creative limits. Her daily instagram photos alone make me smile every time. She has gone crazy with this app and her NEX6. Brian and her fight over it! LOL!

    I often get emails from single moms on how they can take a great photo with their kids if no one is there to take it. This camera app is great way to make that happen!


  2. MeRa U and ur husband doing good job, Thanks lot……