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Indoor Baby Photos: 16 CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for Women Images

Me Ra Koh

Indoor baby photos are both challenging in terms of available light and the space given. But they’re not impossible!  In fact, magic is waiting to be made when you know how to adjust your camera settings appropriately.  Are you ready to be inspired again with your own indoor baby photos?

We’ve got a wonderful collection of images that our spring CONFIDENCE Workshop ladies captured!  We challenged our ladies on all levels, but we also teach them everything they need to know to tackle the least amount of light!

If you’re new to the blog or are unfamiliar with the CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for Women, this is a photography workshop for women of ALL levels for two full days. Brian and I have been teaching this workshop for over ten years, and we’ve helped thousands of women gain confidence in working with light and their camera settings.  Our attendees learn and practice hands-on all of the technical elements of shooting in manual, building a visual story, editing with ease, and best of all, hands-on photo shoots with models each day.

Camera Gear and Settings

That brings us to today.  For those of you who love to know camera gear used, I hear you.  Me too!  I was shooting with the Sony a7rii camera body and 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens.  The f/2.8 is what allows me to get the buttery-blurry backgrounds that I love so much in photos.  The first few images are ones that I took, but keep clicking through to see the variety these lovely ladies shot!  I also put my camera exposure settings below each of my photos for you!  Notice how the camera settings (ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed) don’t change that much even though the light is dramatically different.  This is because once you’ve measured your light and dialed in your camera settings, you’re pretty much good to go!  Imagine that kind of freedom!  That comes with shooting in manual mode.

Capture Every Stage the First Year!

This little guy has grown so much since he last modeled for our workshop!  See him as a sleepy newborn infant here!  And then I love this newborn portrait with mama using shadows!  They grow so fast and every stage the first year is ADORABLE.  Check out my bestselling book, Your Baby in Pictures, for 40 photo recipes on what to capture the first year of baby’s life.  So fun!

Tips for indoor baby photos with Disney's Me Ra Koh's Confidence Photography Workshop for women!

ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/250th sec