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Photo Shoot Location, Photo-Recipe for a Baby in the Clouds!

Me Ra Koh

When it comes to your photo shoot location, it’s amazing how you can capture a perfect photo in an imperfect location.  All you need is a few key ingredients; Light, courage to Pause, Play and Blur.

Let me take you back to our 2010 CONFIDENCE Workshop in San Antonio, TX.  Our 2010 was another AMAZING year of Sold Out Workshops and beautiful women gaining serious confidence!  I could go on and on about how amazing these ladies were all weekend.  Some were complete beginners and others were advanced, but they all came ready to jump!  While we wait for them to edit their photos and prep them for you to see, I’ll show you a Behind the Scenes view of a favorite moment.

On Day One of the workshop, we do a baby photo shoot.  Before they break up into groups, I demonstrate different ways to capture a baby, talking out loud as I think through the shoot, and show them that the perfect photo shoot location isn’t necessary.

In fact, a restaurant closed until dinner will do just fine!

Found great tips on the perfect photo in an imperfect photo shoot location from Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom



  1. natalia says:

    Thank you MeRa… Those nuggets of information about bad ideas are always so helpful to me. I know I’ve got plenty of them! Ha ha … but it is so true. And I realize how those ideas pave the way for the better ones… and eventually the good ones too.

  2. Linda Baylis says:

    Light, the courage to Pause, Play and Blur.

    LOVE IT! This is going to be my mantra on every shoot! I know you’ve said it before, again and again, but keep on saying it! Thanks Me Ra 🙂

  3. jen armstrong says:

    love it me ra! and love that little bundle. so sweet. thanks for the tips 🙂

  4. Me Ra says:

    Your welcome ladies! Thanks for the feedback! Always soooo appreciated! Much love!

    And Linda…you and Jen have husbands that just rocked the SOAR! blog this week! Give them big hugs for all of us!


  5. jeramy says:

    gorgeous. great tips….even I can understand them. 🙂 glad everything went great in SA.

    hey….i see summie!!!! 🙂

  6. Me Ra says:

    Yes, Summie and Lindsay were both there. What beautiful women and such BIG hearts! Thanks for sending them our way Jeramy and Sharon! It was a powerful weekend for both for totally different ways!

  7. jeramy says:

    ahhh….that’s wonderful!

  8. Shelley Hohe says:

    Thank you so much MeRa for this wonderful set of very useful tool. The picutres and of course the baby are absolutely beautiful. Now i just have to not get so down on myself when i have bad idea….i will always come back to what you said here. I am so thankful for you MeRa and for always willing to share your wisdom….Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  9. ajira says:

    Great post Me Ra! You’re so right about the bad ideas- thanks for that reminder. Jeramy, your comment made me laugh ‘cos where I’m from SA stands for South Africa so I was all, ‘huh? When were they in South Africa?’ LOL!

  10. jeramy says:

    @ajira….hilarious! 🙂

  11. Genie says:

    oh MAN!! what a GORGEOUS, BLISSFUL shot Me Ra! And I’m so darn happy I can understand your recipes now!! How many !!!!! can I type in a row! Yay! Even if I don’t have an ISO 320. 😀

    Yes, after setting up close to 20 workshops I went to the San Francisco one and I’m a new gal. What fun it is to laugh and sing with my camera going ‘ding’ (think Jingle Bells).

    But wow, to capture that shot Me Ra, is heavenly. Thanks so much. FYI, I saw it w/o the chair legs at first. Even more heavenly.

  12. Sara Bell says:

    Very inspiring, thanks for the recipe! I was at OC 2010 and have been going string ever since. XXOO

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