Sony and Me Ra

Behind the Scenes w/ Lifetime’s, The Balancing Act!

Me Ra Koh

Did you see the Balancing Act on Lifetime this morning?  Did you not love the Mother/Daughter team who won?  The daughter’s story and what she has endured is so amazing.  And how did I do for that 5 minute spotlight?  Not to bad for coming out of the Dengue Fever, huh!  🙂

The purpose of today’s feature spot was for me highlight the Mother’s Day HOT items: the (sexy) Copper Brown Sony Alpha 330 DSLR camera bundled with the instructional  Kids in Focus DVD.  See the trailer HERE!  If you remember last summer’s Behind the Scenes photos (CLICK HERE to see more)…

…Sony had invited us to reshoot different parts of our Refuse to Say Cheese/Beyond the Green Box DVDs, so they could include the revised version with their new DSLR cameras in retail stores!  Isn’t that insane?  I still can’t believe all this happened!

If you missed this morning’s show, Lifetime will be airing it again on May 7th at 7am PST/EST.  So you know what…Definitely, Don’t miss it!  🙂

I had a bunch of Behind the Scenes photos emailed to me.  I thought I’d share them with you too.  Taping that show was such a blast!  I can’t thank Lifetime, The Balancing Act and Sony enough for giving me the opportunity to join them!

Getting Make Up Ready

Going over notes and images with the Producer.

Walk through on set.

Cameras rolling!

What the Producer is watching;  Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3 and the Teleprompter!

Here I am, loving the whole experience!

One of my favorites!

Close up shot on the monitor of ALL our DVDs!  🙂  (yeah!)

And I don’t know about you, but I think this monitor should be replaced.  Look at how much wider we look!  Not cool.

It sounds like I’ll be getting the segment to put on our site soon.  If you are out of country, stay tuned!

And most of all, thanks for all your support!  As I’ve said before, we’ve got a dream to have our own TV show.  This 5 min. piece helps me get more practice and gets us one step closer to that dream.  I appreciate you all praying for us, believing in me, sending me encouraging emails.  I appreciate all of you…more than I can say.

Love you all!

Me Ra

p.s.  Tomorrow I’m going to post a Sneak Peak from the AWESOME time we had in Orange County at our photography wkshp. this last weekend—building CONFIDENCE!!  Seattle and New York CONFIDENCE Wkshps are coming in May!  Woo-hoo!!



  1. Addie says:

    Me Ra you were wonderful! What a great segment. There was absolutely no tell-tale signs of the stress you have been under from the Dengue fever either. This must feel like one more breath of beautiful air under the wings of your own journey! And Catherine and Hadleigh’s story is just so touching. Their mother/daughter connection is truly heartwarming. Congratulations and how wonderful it is to see our mentor furthering her own dreams!

  2. Marcia says:

    Me Ra you did a fantastic job!! I still am amazed at how you looked so refreshed after being so sick for days. The segment is great and I loved hearing about carrying around the picture frame! I never thought to do that but I will soon have one in my bag. I am looking forward to your TV Show dream coming true…

  3. That monitor must go… be gone, horrible monitor! BE gone!

    Congrats, Me Ra! You’re amazing!

  4. Jen MacNiven says:

    So fun! LOVE the clip and super excited for you! Nice work!