Big Thank You to Nate Berkus!

Me Ra Koh

In case you missed my last photo segment with The Nate Berkus Show, here it is!  A few quick, easy photo tips for anyone to use–regardless of how small or big your camera is!

It’s been a complete honor to be Nate’s Go-To Photo Expert for the last two years.  His show is over but the adventure continues!  Nate is on to AMAZING things with a new product line for Target!  And his producers, who are now producers on other shows, have already started getting my calendar availability for this coming year!  One door closes, lots more always open! I owe so much to Nate Berkus for allowing me to incubate, learn, make mistakes, and try again while two million viewers watched!  I love you Nate, and deeply thankful for YOU!  Till the next project!  🙂

I also want to thank all of you who supported every photo segment I did with Nate, setting your DVRs, spreading the word to friends and family, cheering me on–it meant the WORLD…what a ride!  I learned SO MUCH in the last two years of working with his talented staff.  And it’s amazing how ALL of it is has prepared me for this next chapter…but more on that later.  🙂

And one last, very special thank you to Roxie at CanvasRox for shipping us canvases, metals, you name it!–no matter how last minute–so we could show the audience and all of you watching real, gorgeous examples of the magic that happens when we get our photos off the computer and on the wall!  Big hug Roxie!

Thank you all for being such an incredible support, and I’ll keep you posted of new shows I hope to visit this Fall!




  1. You both are two of my favorites for watching and learning! The best to u and Nate.

  2. I am going to miss his show!

  3. Michelle S says:

    I look forward to seeing what the future holds for both of you.

    Ummmmm, if the Ellen show ends up in your future, can I be your Vanna White?? or Robin to your Batman – whichever way you prefer to look at it. 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I will forever be indebted to Nate for bringing you into my living room which was all it took to get me dreaming and SOARING with you. So bummed his show is over particularly since he never got a chance to redo our family room. Ha! I was psyched for each of your segments. Two cheerful, positive, joyful, spirits in one place – LOVE. Cheers to Nate for manning the ship and look forward to seeing what happens next! Best wishes from this loving fan.

  5. Jennifer Leigh Tacbas says:

    “…because flowers are small.” Bahahaha! You are too cute!

  6. …..let me know if you ever need a second shooter or assistant;) You. Are. My. Inspiration!

  7. Jennifer, I LOVED that moment too! When he asked me that, I was like “That wasn’t in the script!” 🙂 Brilliance in action! 🙂

  8. Jeez, I hadn’t even heard his show was cancelled. What a way to find out. 🙁

  9. Jeez, I hadn’t even heard his show was cancelled. What a way to find out. 🙁

  10. Jeez, I hadn’t even heard his show was cancelled. What a way to find out. 🙁

  11. Very exciting for all of you, Congrats!