Random House, Me and YOU! Let Submissions Begin!

Me Ra Koh

Are you ready to run with me!



As many of you know, I’ve been given the privilege of doing a two-book deal with Random House.  Book 1 went through more rewrites than I can count, but every time I did the rewrite, the message got tighter and tighter.  I’m not at liberty to say much about Book 1 yet, but hang tight because it will be soon after I move with local moving company lorton va helping me! 


Book 2 however is a whole different project!  Random House asked me to consider making DVD 2, our award winning Beyond the Green Box DVD, into a book format.  The invite was and continues to be super exciting.  A lot of what we teach in our CONFIDENCE workshops is going into this book, so when you leave the workshops you’ll not only have the DVD to review but the book too!  And if you can’t afford the workshop yet, you will now have a DVD and book to get you started!


The best part of choosing a fence is that they agreed to let me highlight the work of what they call “our former students” throughout the book!  This is how I define former students:  anyone who has got great results after trying out one of my Photo-Recipes on the blog, or from watching the DVDs or attending our CONFIDENCE Workshops. If you fit into one of these three categories, start submitting friend!


I have a vision of Empowerment for this book—with a capital E.  I don’t want this book to be about how great I am and “look at what I’ve accomplished.”  I want this book to reach the heart of readers who love their camera, love their kids and want to bring those worlds together without feeling stuck by glass ceilings or intimidation of technology.  I want readers to look at all these amazing people (that’s YOU!) that are doing it!  If I did it, and now you’re doing it, why can’t they do it too!  Can I get an AMEN!   


If your image(s) make the book, we will give you byline credit and send you an autographed copy!  :)  But we need you to follow ALL the guidelines when submitting your images.  To really pull this off the right way, our attorney had to help us figure out Release Waivers and what info we need from you.  So please, please, read ALL the entry directions very carefully so your image(s) aren’t disqualified.


What am I looking for?  All sorts of things!  They can be images of your kids, your pet, nature around you, the gates are wide open!  Here are the Top 10 Photo Ideas of what to consider submitting!  Maybe you already have these photos, or maybe you want to go and shoot them this weekend. 


Top 10 Photo Ideas to Submit!

1.  Images that show off different uses of Aperture from wide open, buttery, blurred backgrounds with low f-stops to high f-stops giving lots of gorgeous detail

2.  Success stories with Before and After Photos.  Do you have an image that you took Before you watched our DVDs?  And do you have a great After image to show your improvement? 

3.  Different ways to use low and high ISOs, even when it needs to be turned into black and white from the graininess.

4.  Images that show the diversity of Shutter Speed—slow shutters that blur motion to fast shutters that freeze action, like kids running down the soccer field!  Or, using Shutter Speed to experiment with light (i.e. slowing the shutter down for more light or speeding it up to let in less light—remember Prof. Townsend’s acting job on Shutter Speed?  :))

5.   White balance examples.  Why you chose a certain White Balance and the Before photo of what it looked like in Auto White Balance with the After.

6.  For those of you who have attended the CONFIDENCE Workshops, send me your favorite images where metering and Manual mode were the keys to success!

7.  Problems of the Past!  A problem you used to always face with shooting, and the solution you’ve found with Before and After photos.

8.  Photo Coaching Tips and Tricks that YOU have come up with or, we inspired you to try!

9.  Tips to Setting Yourself Up for Success!  In Beyond the Green Box, I talked about how there is no shame in setting your photos up for success and different ways to do this.  Did you try the ideas?  Send us your results!  Did you come up with other ideas to set yourself up for success?  Send those photos and stories too!

10.  Your Amazing Mom story!  I’m hoping there is space to fit a handful of Amazing Mom features, and if you are a “former student” 🙂 and a mom, check out our past Amazing Mom features. Feel free to answer the same questions past moms did, and email your answers to me with a handful of your favorite photos!  If we can’t get them in the book, we can always feature you on the blog!


Design and layout for a photography book is an intense process.  I’m learning this first hand with Book 1.  My goal is to feature as many of your images as possible because here’s the thing.  At the end of the day, I don’t want readers to think there images have to look like mine.  I want to show the beauty of how everyone’s eye is different, every voice and story we have to tell is different, and this is what makes photography so powerful and beautiful at the same time! 


A dear friend and talented photographer, Sharon Sossaman of Homegrown Photography, captured today’s photo during one of our workshops.  After dinner, a handful of us went running down the beach and into the wind that night—together. That image symbolizes what I want this project to be—a gathering of creative hearts that want to run like the wind and bring others with them. This is a book about empowerment and inspiration to finally feel free to unleash your voice with your camera!  We’re going to do it, and it’s going to be beautiful and powerful.  Thanks for helping me change lives!  (Sharon, thanks for your wonderful photo—loving and thinking of you always.)


Deadline is Wednesday, July 28th (you have from now until three weeks from today!)


CLICK HERE for the Entry Form/Directions/Release Waiver to submit your photos!  And definitely help me spread the word on your blogs if you feel inclined!  Are you signed up for the newsletter (see right margin)?  Our newsletter peeps will be the first to know about the book’s progress!


It is an honor to work with all of you.


Me Ra


Possible FAQ:

1.  Can I buy the DVDs today and try submitting images based on what I learned? 

A:  Totally! Just remember the deadline is Wed., July 28th!


2.  Will you be able to print our website or blog instead of name in the byline? 

A:  Great question!  If there is room in the back, we may run an Appendix of your websites and blogs if you have one, so be sure to include it on every Entry Form.  But we need whatever name you’d like to get photo credit for the byline, whether that’s your business name or your name.


3.  How soon will we know if our images made it?

A.  The best question!  I, myself, don’t even know what makes the final cut until the last hour. The book is schedule to release in Fall 2011 (yes, it really takes that long—and longer—to publish a book), so we’ll all know one way or another by that time. 🙂


4.  How many photos can I submit?

A.  As many as you’d like.  Just remember, we need a COMPLETE ENTRY FORM and RELEASE WAIVER for EVERY photo submitted.


5. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

A.  We are always here for your questions.  Feel free to email and write “BOOK 2 Question” in the Subject Line to ensure an even faster response.  


6.  How will I be compensated for my photo(s), if it’s picked for the book?

A.  Three ways!  If your image(s) make it into the book, we will do two things for sure and a third possible addition.  One, we will send you an autographed copy of the book (one per person) so you have PROOF that your work has been published by Random House!  Two, we will print your byline and give you due credit where credit is desreved!  And a possible three, I will review all the stories you share about your photos and possibly share those stories within the book—space permitting.


7. I’ve always wanted to write a book, do you have any advice? 

A.  This is one of my top three “most common questions”.  There is no easy answer, but I will say that if a book is knocking on your heart and saying “Give me life!” you can start the process by writing everyday for 10 minutes—just do a brain dump of all your ideas.  Work up to 20 minutes of keeping your hand moving.  Also, if you are okay with rewriting, you have a better chance at getting published.  All writing is rewriting.  The hardest part is finding the courage to write that first draft when you know it will be rewritten and reworked a dozen times before it goes to print.  If you can handle that, you have what it takes to publish a book!  Check out The Artist Way by Julia Cameron to start empowering your desire to write!


8. But wait!  I’m not coming to a CONFIDENCE Workshop until this Fall!  Can I still submit?

A.  No worries.  If you’ve been inspired by a Photo-Recipe Tip that I’ve posted on the blog or watched our DVDs, submit away!

9. Where are the next CONFIDENCE Workshops going to be, and is there any room left?

A.  We started this month with 60 spots!  Now we only have 6 left!  Here’s the latest CONFIDENCE scoop! 

-Washington DC is SOLD OUT! 

-San Francisco, CA has ONE spot left—just 1! 

-San Antonio has only 5 spots left! 

These are the Fall workshops!  Grab one of the last spots by CLICKING HERE! 


10.  How do I submit my photos? 




  1. denise karis says:

    I don’t want this book to be about how great I am and “look at what I’ve accomplished.” I want this book to reach the heart of readers who love their camera, love their kids and want to bring those worlds together without feeling stuck by glass ceilings or intimidation of technology. <—– I love this! I love this! I love this! This is your fathers generous and humble spirit in you – seriously, not many people would feel this way about their book. I am so excited for this, Me Ra!

  2. Me Ra says:

    Submissions are coming in! Yeah! Can’t wait to celebrate you and your photos in this book!

  3. Marla-Dee says:


    You never cease to amaze me! This is such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you! You’re the best! Miss u. Hugs!

  4. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on the book deals!!! That is impressive and well deserved!

    What an amazing opportunity you are providing us!!!!!! You rock!!!

  5. jeramy says:

    hey lady….it’s crazy times! i feel so out of touch with your blog lately. congrats on the the book stuff. so happy for you.

    i love sharon….AND that image. it was our computer desktop for so long. she captured the feel of that weekend i think on so many levels with that image. it’s one of my all time favorites of hers….great job babe! i love you!

    good luck to all of you that are sending in photos. and if you’re reading this and just THINKING about sending in a photo….just do it! you’ve got so much magic to share with everyone else. go for it!

  6. Me Ra:

    Your generosity is both humbling and inspiring. Thank you for creating this opportunity for all of us. Yep – you really do ROCK!

  7. Jenny J. says:


    That was such a great night! I can picture it so clearly! All of our senses were so engaged and the quality of the light was magical!

    Sending in my new favorite image right now. 🙂

  8. Hi there. I am attempting to submit additional images for your book but w/no luck. It will allow me to complete a new entry form BUT no option to attach the photo. Please advise? thanks!


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  10. KRISTY says:

    I am trying to submit a photo but I am unable to because it prompts me that you are no longer accepting file uploads.

  11. Mel says:

    Hi. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
    I just wanted to mention that I’m experiencing the same problem uploading files as Kristy and Erica mentions above. Hopefully it gets resolved before the deadline closes.
    (P.S. – I’m on a Mac and tried both Safari and Firefox browsers).

  12. Minh Haw says:

    I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an article as much as this one. You have gone beyond my expectations on this topic and I agree with your points. You’ve done well with this.