Teaming Up with SESAME STREET to Empower Kids with Cameras!

Me Ra Koh

Over two years ago, I approached Sesame Street about the idea of teaming up together to empower moms AND kids with cameras!  I’m CRAZY EXCITED to announce that with the incredible help of Nielsen Photo Group, we are OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING our new Photo Contest called My World!  (I am seriously pinching myself!)

Sesame Street and Me Ra Koh Photo Contest

Two Ways to Enter!

There is a FREE side to this contest where you and your little one can do one of the weekly photo challenges from Elmo!  There is also a paid side that ignites you to capture one of four themes in the world around you!

The prizes are INSANE!  You could win FOUR DAY Luxury Family Vacation (yes, for REAL!), $1000 shopping spree at Target, an iPad, 2 round trip tickets to NY (thank you Southwest!), mentoring session with me and a family photo shoot!

(Are we just getting crazier and crazier with our prizes or what?!)

There is no reason for you not to enter, no matter how young or old you are!  So follow me and Elmo to Sesame Street and share with us favorite photos from Your World!  YAY!!!




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*HUGE thanks to all our amazing sponsors that make fun contests like this even possible!  First, to Sesame Street and Nielsen Photo Group for ALL the hard work that happens behind the scenes to make this happen!  And thanks to Beaches, Shutterloveonline, Southwest Airlines and Cafe Mom for spreading the word with us and making our prizes EXTRA amazing!!


  1. Brian says:

    Go Me Ra and Sesame Street! What a great combo! Are you going to show Elmo how to take photos?

  2. Me Ra Koh says:

    I’m so excited! I just saw the “Guacamole the Musical” video where your kids get inspiring ideas for this week’s Photo Challenge! (And ahhhh!!! my face was on the bottom of that page!! Can’t express how exciting it is to be a part of Sesame Street, whom I love, adore, and feel right at home with!) This week’s video is perfect! My favorite part is when Elmo and the nose are signing about avocados, and he says “he blew it!” 🙂

    If you look below, there is a photo tip for your kids! This week’s tip is;
    What’s Inbetween? Place a doll or stuffed animal between two household objects such as pillows or shoes.

  3. Brian says:

    I heard you and the kids laughing as you watched that Sesame Street video. I have to check it out!

  4. Michelle says:

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is awesome! CONGRATULATIONS Me Ra!!! If you meet Elmo, please give him a hug from Cody! Cody is a HUGE fan! 🙂