Watch Me Ra’s Keynote Live on Saturday!

Me Ra Koh

Me Ra, Brian and the kids are headed to Park City, Utah this week for the EVO Conference! I love EVO’s tagline; the evolution of women in social media! It’s going to be a power packed three days, hosted by Rachael Herrscher of Today’s Mama!, and her amazing team!

I'm speaking at Evo 11

Major influencers in the social media world are doing keynotes from Jon Sinclair who is the VP Creative Director at Harpo to Andrea Wishon, Supervising Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show to Jason Pollock,  filmmaker, writer and digital producer (who has 92K plus people following him on Twitter!) to Martha Stewart’s marketing team to Johnson and Johnson’s team and MORE!  And in the midst of all these amazing influencers, our Me Ra Koh has been invited to do the Closing Keynote on Saturday evening!  Yeah Me Ra!!!!! (see her talk description below!)

But here is the BEST part!!  You can watch all the powerhouse keynotes, including Me Ra’s, on EVO’s Live View website!

CLICK HERE to watch Me Ra live on Saturday night at 5pm Central Time!

What time is Me Ra’s talk in your time zone?

Seattle/West Coast friends: 4pm PST

Utah, Colorado and all our other Mountain time friends: 5pmMDT

Texas, Kansas Wisconsin and all our other Central Time Zone friends: 6pm CDT

All our buds on the East Coast: 7pm EST

Me Ra would love to have you join the audience and already feels your support.  She appreciates all your Tweets, prayers and emails of encouragement!  Brian said she has been rehearsing her Keynote for days, wanting it to have the most impact ever!  The theme is Living a Life of Adventure! She would love people to pray that she FILLS HER SPACE and doesn’t shrink back but steps up to that stage with FULL CONFIDENCE.  Thanks for saying a prayer for our Me Ra (we know she’s going to rock it!).

CLICK HERE for the full schedule of all EVO Keynotes!  (only the keynotes will be live online)

If you are one of the 50K beautiful readers who brew a cup of coffee to meet Me Ra on her blog each morning, heat up the pot Saturday afternoon/evening or pour a glass of wine, pop some popcorn and enjoy watching Me Ra live this Saturday!  I have a feeling that it’s going to be magical.  With the conference theme being adventure, they have asked Me Ra to close out the conference with a keynote that inspires an adventurous life–who better than Me Ra?!!  See her talk description below!

See you this Saturday!



Closing Keynote: Me Ra Koh (click here to see it LIVE!)

If you knew fear and doubt would always be there, regardless of what you achieved…what would you go after?  What impossible would you pursue?  In twenty years, Me Ra went from living out of her car in Seattle parking lots to inspiring millions of viewers on The Nate Berkus Show.  Fear and doubt have been her unwanted companions, every step of the way.  But the search for worthiness, worthy of living her life to the fullest, worthy of being loved, worthy of having Voice, has been the fire behind the adventure of her life.   Join Me Ra for an incredibly candid, inspiring Closing Keynote where she shares it all, the highs and the lows, (even the times her family has lived with monkeys and apes in Thailand’s jungle!), all the while empowering you to join her in living your impossible!


Catch Julie Watts, awesome pro photographer and incredible mentor to so many, on the SOARORITY! Forum Tonight for our Ask and Learn with a PRO!  We start at 5pm PST, and you get to ask Julie as many questions as you want for two hours!  She is amazing with giving feedback on photos too, so if you have an image you’d like her to critique, be ready to upload it tonight for her!  Read more about Julie Watts here!



  1. Sara says:

    Awesome! Thank your for alerting us. I’ll look forward to it!

  2. Cathleen Woodbridge says:

    WOW!!!!! So proud of you MeRa. How awesome that the committee to organize the event was smart enough to choose the best speaker possible, MeRa, to conclude and wrap up the whole event. Yes! Thank you, Genie, for being the amazing communicator that you are and for sharing this news. You are the best. So excited!!!!!

  3. Jamie says:

    I’m praying that God’s peace would settle over you and that you would deliver your message with strength, confidence and passion. That your heart would flow outwards to every listener and that they would be greatly impacted by the words that they hear.

    Thank you for not letting fear and doubt stop you,

  4. Charisse says:

    So proud of you Me Ra! I am praying for you! Knock em dead!

  5. Me Ra says:

    Thanks GENIE!!! You da BEST! 🙂

    And thank you to everyone else! We are having an awesome first day and meeting the most fabulous women in social media! I can’t wait to share more!!!


  6. jeramy says:

    i know you’ll be great! soak it in and let it rip! 🙂

  7. Sarah N says:

    I watched your keynote from home and loved it! You were honest, heartfelt, and inspirational! Thanks for sharing your story with others. Oh and the ape call was awesome too 🙂

  8. marina says:

    I missed this! anyone know how I can see this?

  9. Andrea says:

    We were entertaining family from out of town and I missed it… would love to see it! I’m sure you did an amazing job, Me Ra!