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Cheers to Grace Ormonde’s New Book!

Me Ra Koh

Brian and I were honored to have been invited to Grace Ormonde’s World Book Tour.  We drove up to Vancouver BC on Wednesday to celebrate with Grace, other friends and amazing wedding vendors in the area.  The book’s title is…“being in love never goes out of style”.  Don’t you love that title?!  Not only is it a great title, but the book is BIG and BEAUTIFUL!

A dear friend, Mike Colon (an amazing wedding photographer that you must check out) introduced us to Grace over four years ago!  I can’t believe how fast time goes.  We ran a full page ad with Grace Ormonde’s, highly acclaimed, Wedding Style, magazine.  Combining our efforts and the help of her market reach, we made a place for our business in the high end wedding market.  If you love wedding magazines, you will LOVE Wedding Style magazine.

Relationships of continuum are everything when the industry is changing and turning over so quickly.  In the last four years, Grace has given us the honor of publishing our wedding work and also featured me and Brian as “Masters of Their Craft”.  But in all this time, we have never met Grace in person.  The internet world can almost cause you to forget about the fact that you have yet to be in person together.  Thus, it was wonderful to finally be together Wednesday night and congratulate Grace in person!  It was like a sweet reunion.

Grace is an amazing woman.  She has empowered me on so many levels.  Just being a visionary woman with big dreams, never giving up on her vision, and in the midst of it all—creating a platform for others to stand on—all these amazing accomplishments inspire me to keep going for all the big dreams I hold inside.

Brian and I wish Grace Ormonde all the BEST with this new, beautiful book!  Grace does everything with pristine attention to detail and incredible style. I’m sure this book will be a HUGE hit!  If you know a bride to be, I can’t think of a better gift!


Me Ra

p.s.  Have a GREAT weekend!  We are headed to Orange County today for the CONFIDENCE Wkshp in Huntington Beach!  Brian and I are so excited to meet the ladies tonight at our Meet and Greet!  It’s already been a doozy of a day!  Brian’s flight headed out.  I parked the car and realized I had three suitcases to roll (yes, THREE, workshops require us to bring lots of goodies) but only two hands.  I tried stacking the suitcases, one fell off, and alas, the suitcase broke open and refuses to lock.  So I held back tears, bagged the puppy and life goes on.  🙂   Now to find one of those massage bars!  🙂


  1. Freida says:

    Glad you were able to finally meet Grace in person. The paragraph directly under the photo of the two of you could have been written about you as well to a tee… I am beyond thankful that I finally get to meet you tomorrow and be one of the families that the ladies in O.C. get to practice on. Truly.

    … hope you found a nice massage bar too! 🙂