5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera!

Me Ra Koh

Our Dallas 2-Day CONFIDENCE Workshop was amazing, and now women are signed up and flying in from California to Florida for the next Dallas CONFIDENCE Workshop this September 19th and 20th 2015!  April’s Workshop SOLD OUT!

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Workshop Dates:  September 19th and 20th 2015

Give yourself confidence with the camera this Christmas. You can even tell your hubby it can be a combined Christmas/Mother’s Day gift since it will happen early Spring! If he really needs convincing, throw in your birthday. LOL! Many women have had great success with this tactic.

Here are 5 Reasons to Sign Up and Find Confidence with Your Camera! (spotlighting photos from the weekend)

1.  Hands-On Photo Shoot with Me Ra

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 1

We will do hands-on photo shoots both Saturday and Sunday.  In the morning sessions we fill your mind with tons of understanding about your camera’s settings, inspire your creativity, and then let you put it all to practice with Brian and I by your side for the hands-on shoots!

2. Gain Confidence in Your Camera Settings

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 2

We call Brian the “walking camera manual” because no matter what sewer camera brand or model you have, he’s probably read the manual.  He can help with just about any technical question you’ve got.

In fact, did you know your camera comes out of the box with crazy default settings that set your photos up for failure.  We’ll spend time during Day One’s morning session changing those default settings and getting you set up for success!

3. Learn Tips and Tricks to Engage Your Subjects

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 3

On both Saturday and Sunday, I will demonstrate a photo shoot for you while I talk you through what I’m doing.  I’ll explain why I’m setting the subjects up a certain way, how I’m determining my camera settings, and how I’m getting them to engage with the camera no matter how young or old they are.  There are tons of photo tips and tricks to engage your subjects that make all the difference!

4. How to Capture Gorgeous Lighting (no lighting equipment needed)

African American Family Portrait, Me Ra Koh

Can you believe this family portrait was taken in a hallway at a hotel?!

This is what Brian and I want to teach you “How to Capture Great Lighting” no matter where you are!  The more difficult the setting, the more I LOVE it because you become a believer that you can do it too!

We will show you how to capture buttery, blurry backgrounds.  How to get dark black backgrounds or blasted out white backgrounds that look like studio lighting but require no extra lights.  It’s just a matter of understanding your camera settings and discovering the magic of natural light.  We will also teach you how to use an external flash in five minutes. Five minutes because that’s how easy it is!  It’s a flash method we always used when shooting high-end weddings.

5. Grow, Gain Confidence, and Laugh with a Group of Women from All Over the Country

5 Ways to Find Confidence with Your Camera, Me Ra Koh 5

Here’s the deal.  In every workshop we have a range of proficiency.  Some women are complete beginners and others have their own business with paying clients.  But confidence is a key desire in all of them.  Often times, women have technical holes in their understanding of how the camera and lighting works which keeps them from shooting in full confidence.  This is what we are after, breaking through those glass ceilings so you capture your loved ones with consistency and feel solid about how your camera works!  Magical things happen over the weekend, but you’ll have to come to see what I mean.

BIG thanks to our wonderful models for giving us their time!  Lots of great photos are being uploaded and coming your way soon!


p.s.  Do you ever dream of learning about photography in a storybook setting?

photography workshop in Italy

Experience Italy with Me Ra and Brian!

That’s right!  Brian and I are going to host our second, annual 8-Day Photography Workshop AND Culinary Tour in Italy this May 2016.  Yes, we’ve added an amazing culinary component to this dream trip!  Picture being in a castle and the real Countess teaching you how to cook the most savory Italian dishes!  Picture eating four course meals every night as you make your way through the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany, Florence, and into Venice.  We are going to have the most amazing adventure together.  Husbands, friends and moms who aren’t photo enthusiasts but want to experience Italy are also welcome.   I like to say it this way…

In 2014, we traveled the world filming our family travel show.

In 2015 and 2016, we bring YOU with us!  (Eeeeks!)

All the details of the trip are here!