9 Inspirational Baby Images from the Seattle Confidence Workshop!


Boy, if you followed my Facebook and Twitter feed, you all know that I was very  close to not making it home for the Seattle CONFIDENCE workshop.  But in the nick of time…I did and I am so thankful.  Brian and I met a fantastic group of women and we are ever so grateful for your enthusiasm,  openness and courage to follow your dreams.   Here are a few of their fantastic images from Day 1 of the workshop with our Baby Models.  It was so chilly in Seattle that weekend and once again, I challenged these ladies to go outside their comfort zone and to use the available light wisely.  Didn’t they do so wonderful!

Shirley Lange found such wonderful even light with this image.  Pulling his mommy’s hair into his mouth surely shows us the stage this little guy is at.  I love those catch lights!

This window light was our main source of light during this shoot and Melissa Appleton used it to her advantage.  Because the light is coming from the side, it gives great dimension to this image.  It is also an added bonus that mom is looking lovely with a fantastic smile on her face.

I love the composition of this foot shot that Linda Conti took.  This shot looks totally different than it does when the parent is holding the feet and you see the bottoms.  Awesome!

Laura Swift caught this tender moment when mom gave a gentle kiss.  I love the “Rule of Thirds” composition on this and the light is so even.

I love the emotion this image holds.  Kellie Pecoraro shot this with mom full of pure joy while looking at her baby!  Fantastic!

Julie Mankin shot a foot detail shot as well.  I wanted to put them both up here because even though you are trying to capture one detail about your baby, there could be a hundred ways to compose this shot.  Everyone’s point of view is different…and that is what makes us unique!

Jessica Meyers caught this soothing image of mom trying to calm her baby!  It is so tender.  I think it is great how we can see just a touch of mom’s face as well.

Erin Crum shot a great portrait image.  The eyes are really crisp and clear and the skin tone is just perfect!

What a super calming image Andrea Baue captured.  I remember when this baby was just falling asleep.  It was completely precious!

Here are a couple of behind the scenes that were taken as well:

This picture of Brian cracks me up!  I know in this image, that he is totally connecting with them in a way they will understand.  That is one of the many reasons I love him so!

More from our Family Model Day 2 of the workshop on the blog tomorrow.
Me Ra
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  1. I cannot thank MeRa And Brian enough for the amazing weekend we shared in Seattle!!! Never in a million years would I have believed that in those two days I would learn how to use my camera in manual, learn how to edit my images efficiently, learn how to use my off camera flash and most importantly, to TRUELY believe in myself and walk away with so much CONFIDENCE!! I’ve heard it said a million times from ladies that have gone to conference and it really is true…absolutely life changing!!!! I miss the ladies that shared in this experience with me and I miss MeRa and Brian, they are amazing people and I will never forget it. Now you guys just need to create a follow up workshop series so we can do it again!!!!!!! <3

  2. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Beautiful shots, ladies! 🙂 Love all the sweet moments and details you captured!

  3. Something happened to this blog post… it’s not there? 🙁 Anyone else having this problem?

  4. Bummer Kellie Pecoraro, I was able to view it…..

  5. But now I tried this link and I see what your talking about! I’m not sure what happened! Bummer!

  6. Andrea Baue says:

    MeRa and Brian, thank you both so much for putting this workshop together, I met some of the most talented and beautiful women, and I was able to gain more confidence in shooting outside of my comfort zone ( actually using manual, shooting people, using low light etc…)thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great weekend!

  7. Shirley says:

    I am still overwhelmed by all that I learned and experienced — I think about it every day! I still need more confidence but my comfort zone is getting bigger….! I love the manual settings as everything seems much richer and with many more possibilities. I loved every minute of the workshop and would recommend it to anyone — especially anyone who thinks it is “too late” to do something new or make changes. I was the oldest person there and can say with authority that it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

  8. Hooray, I can see it now! It’s under this link though:

    …Brings me right back to one month ago! Thank you to Me Ra, Brian & the ladies for an amazing experience that I will never forget! The skills that I took away have been immensely helpful in improving my photography, but the value of the relationships and support that I gained from the weekend is immeasurable! THANK YOU cannot begin to express what I feel… <3

  9. Julie says:

    Wow, the fact that your attendees got some of the shots they did of me with my VERY fussy little guy speaks volumes about what you taught them. I hope someday I can return as a student but this time around I was thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as a model with my little dude. These photos will be cherished more than you can possibly know. Thank you!

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  11. Jennifer Leigh Tacbas says:

    Great job, ladies!