Day Two: Family Photo Ideas to Inspire You (from Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop, Winter 2013)

Me Ra Koh

Today I have a myriad of beautiful, fun family photo ideas to inspire you from our workshop attendees who came from all over the country.

I couldn’t resist.  I had to start Day Two’s Recap with this photo!  Remember when I was teaching about how to not blow out the detail in blonde hair (with Carrie as my beautiful example) or men with bald heads?  Look at how serious I am.  You better have been listening ladies!  🙂


Much better Behind-the-Scenes photo!


For those of you who have never been to our 2 Day CONFIDENCE Workshop, Day Two is all about shooting in Manual and working with your meter to do just that.

Since it started to rain, I decided to up the challenge and had the ladies use this BIG, YELLOW space for part of the family shoot.  I wanted to see how much they were getting the Manual settings.


Yep, yellow walls.  Are there family photos ideas to be found in this setting?  Not to mention the interesting carpet design to work with too.

This is the way I see teaching.  If you come to a CONFIDENCE workshop, whether I’m teaching it or one of my teachers are, and the shoot has perfect lighting, perfect setting, and all you have to do is click the button…what have you learned?  What confidence have you gained for when you go home and the walls or lights are too yellow.  The carpet design is distracting.  The windows are even overbearing with all the framing.  What have you learned?  How are you empowered?  This is what I try to make sure we put our attendees in front of real challenges.  There is no other way to break through glass ceilings.


But, when you know how to adjust your camera settings, and you are not limited to the camera’s Auto mode any longer, you would be AMAZED at what you can capture in the most unlikely settings!  And when you see the following photo results (and you are a part of those results!!), you know that know setting is to difficult for a family photo idea to happen!

I have to tell you that in the last ten years of talking photos of children, THIS PHOTO–in the most unlikely setting–has to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!  Meet Captain America!  🙂


Chandra was right in the moment while this little guy played horsey with his dad.  I LOVE the energy, the SMILE, on this little guy’s face!  Chandra…girl!!!.. You took such a GREAT shot!


To show a different perspective of the same moment, I got back a little and took the wider version.  So fun, and who would guess with the setting we had!


Sara Ward knocked it OUT OF THE PARK with this AWESOME family portrait! Look at all the different things that are happening at once.  And folks, you know the setting Sara had to work with!  Way to go SARA!!!!


Leah Robbins proves how this unlikely indoor space is actually the PERFECT setting for a Father-Son portrait.  Work your magic GIRL!!!!


Eventually we moved outside.


The ladies readjusted our camera settings for the change in light.  And POW!!!  Jill Ann from Texas nailed it!  Look at this beautiful moment.  The look on his face is priceless!!!  You go girl!!!

Jill Ann_day 2

The dad was pulling out all the stops to keep this little guy engaged.  But there was a split second when they both paused, and I got down low and shot up at them.  Had to share!


I think we all LOVED watching Erica from NY work with this little guy.


And I have to share this photo.  It’s kind of an inside joke, but I it’s still fantastic!  Erica, you went all out for this moment! 🙂

erica loewenguth_stick

Carrie from Ohio was having the BEST time withe this adorable family!  And how can you not love a dad who is such a GREAT sport!  I love the energy, camera tilt, fun angle, ALL OF IT, on this photo Carrie!

CKruegerKapturePhotography (18 of 19)

I LOVE how Janna from TX incorporated this beautiful woodwork into a family portrait of this former CONFIDENCE Grad.  The vertical energy of that woodwork adds so much more the emotion on that little girl’s face.  Sometimes background can be a distraction, but look at how Janna lined it up purposefully.  Wonderful Janna!

Janna King_family

I LOVE how tight the framing is on mom and dad for this photo.  Gorgeous of mom!!!  (also a former CONFIDENCE Grad which makes it even more fun to see how her family is growing!)  Great job again Chandra!


I can’t express enough how PROUD I am of our Seattle CONFIDENCE attendees!  They did AWESOME with every challenge Brian and I gave them.  As you can see from their results, they rocked it!

Congrats ladies!  You continue to grow, inspire and capture beauty!  Brian and I are so proud to be a part of your journey!



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  1. Shelley says:

    These are really beautiful photos! Are the only workshops you offer available in Seattle? I’d like a bit more information. Sounds like a great class.