Is It Friday Yet?

Me Ra Koh

I had to share this image with you!   Brian shot it in the parking lot after the Digital Days speaking engagement.  It’s Amanda May’s little guy—he was tired after all that modeling he did!  Isn’t this HILARIOUS! 


Baby Yawn


We’ve had an AMAZING weekend at our Seattle CONFIDENCE Wkshp!  So full.  So rich.  The three SOAR! Recipients!  My mom joined us!  I mean seriously, it was an incredible weekend! 


Brian and I get to spend today with the SOAR! Recipients before they each head home.  But I think we’re all ready for a SERIOUS nap!  :)  I couldn’t think of a more fitting image for the day.


Happy Monday ladies! 


Me Ra


p.s.  This week we announce the Running on Empty Winner for NYC!  Stay tuned!  New York, here we come!  Counting the days!



  1. Sharon says:

    Look at ’em!!! I want to see more!

  2. jeramy says:

    oh, amanda mays….you’ve got a cutie on your hands for sure! great shot dude!

  3. jeramy says:

    oh babe….i love when we’re together on mera’s blog. (sigh/smile)

  4. Sue Christianson says:

    🙂 hahaha! Love this picture! This is exactly how I feel right now. Nap time! Thanks MeRa for an amazing weekend! You and Brian are awesome!

  5. Monica says:

    Just Perfect!

  6. Amanda-He’s adorable! Brian-
    this reminds me of the shot of Blaze at this age, doing his funny lip thingy! Glad it was an amazing weekend. It was so fun to think of all of you being together. Sharon and two crack me up….Just think this will be the story of your life after the twins arrive! Yawning and needing a nap. Sweet Dreaming Everyone!

  7. Amanda Mays says:

    LOOK at my little muncha! Too funny… totally makes me sleepy =)
    Thanks Bri!

  8. dondi mays says:

    he takes my breath away! I just want to smooch his cheeks he is so adorable.
    I am not just saying that because I’m his Noni