Part 2: Family Inspiration at the Phoenix, AZ Confidence Workshop!


The Confidence Workshop in Phoenix was so amazing in many different ways.  Brian and I got to meet our new SOAR! recipients for the first time, our friend Jeff Jochum was able to spend the weekend with us to see what goes on at the Confidence workshops, and we met another incredible bunch of women pursuing their passion of photography! … And you can’t really beat the weather in Phoenix in February.

The second day of our workshop is when we try to get 2-4 families in to be our models, so you can try out all your new photography skills.  Thank you so much to the wonderful families who braved the warm temperatures that day.  They were awesome and gave our attendees many opportunities to “practice”.

Here Wendy, Our SOAR! Coordinator, captured me showing eveyone how to place a family starting out in a photo shoot, what I might say to them and why concrete really is such a “great” place to shoot people.

After this brief introduction, I let them all go and here is what they captured.  So awesome!

Christine Mosby caught this moment between mom and her son.  I love that mom is looking away with fantastic smile.

Corinne Hamilton, you totally knew how to get this boy to participate!  Super captures!

Even though this little girl is walking away from us, there is something that I really love about it…maybe the reflection and the line on the window drawing us right into her.

Marille Brickey got a great close-up of this sweet thing.

And mom looks so photogenic here.  I am sure she loved this shot Marille.

Darby got a great shot of this little guy, who was very, very shy that day!  Nice work!

Erin Wagnild knows that a family shoot is not all about the whole family looking at the camera.  She got those details to help remember the stage this little boy was in, like his big eyelashes and his chubby fingers and toes.  Fabulous Erin!

Rachel Abelson got this sweet shot only a day into using her new SONY A33.

I love the angle from which Sarah Crank took this shot.

Carol Strawn…The emotion you captured in your images is breathtaking!

One of the best things about a workshop is to see women from all over the world come together for a few days and leave with friendship bonds they will most likely have a lifetime.  It really is more than just photography on workshop weekends.  I think some of these “behind the scenes” images reflect this.

The ladies got an extra “bonus” this workshop as Jeff Jochum joined our ending “Q & A” and talk with us about his passion… business strategy.  Thanks Jeff, for being there and sharing with these women!

*Three Fall Workshops remain:  Sacramento, Washington DC and Dallas!  They are ALMOST FULL, so click the city below for more details on how to grab your spot!!  If confidence is your goal and photography your passion, it’s an amazing pool to jump in.  You never know what may open up!

Seattle, September 10-11 SOLD OUT!

Sacramento, September 24-25  CLICK HERE!

Washington DC, October 8-9  CLICK HERE! Four spots left!

Dallas, November 12-13 CLICK HERE! Five spots left!




  1. Sarah N says:

    These shots are awesome, AZ ladies!!! 🙂 Love all the sweet moments and details you captured!!

    I am so excited for the Sacramento workshop! I’m counting down the days!

  2. Susan says:

    I love these pictures!

  3. Kris says:

    Great job ladies, I loved all of the images! The behind the scenes took me back to the awesome weekend I had in Orange County last year! Thank you Brian and MeRa for offering these workshops … They are such a blessing to many women 🙂

  4. ali anderson says:

    i love seeing all these faces again! we had such a good time didn’t we?!

  5. Julie Watts says:

    Aw! So cool you ladies got to hear some Jeff Jochum BIZ wisdom on top of everything the Confidence Workshops grow and inspire in you…I mean wow!

  6. Me Ra Koh says:

    So proud of all the AZ ladies!!! It was such an AWESOME weekend! It’s crazy to think that in our introductions, Rachel said she was the “Face of Auto”. Now look at her AND look at SO MANY OF YOU!!!!


  7. Carol says:

    We did have a great time, Ali! I was blessed to be there! So great to see you all soaring!