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Are We Okay Not Knowing?

Me Ra Koh

This was my morning reading, and I’m wondering if anyone else needs to hear it.  I know that I needed it today.

“Wanting to know where we are going is often how we fail to go anywhere at all.  Rather than surrender to the mystery of the creative journey, we want to know each sight we will see, each obstacle we will confront.  Each “something” that we will encounter if we dare to begin.  The truth is that we cannot know where our creative trail is taking us.  We cannot predict precisely who and what it is we will become.  The only certainty is that we will change from who and what we are.  We will become something larger and something more, but exactly the form that something more and larger will take is a creation that we have not yet created and cannot demand to know.”

-Julia Cameron

Not needing to know all the answers is a muscle we have to build over time.  Our camera is a wonderful tool to help strengthen this muscle.  Take some time this week and weekend to purposely take a blurry photo.  Many of us spend so much time focusing on having sharp images, but what can we discover about the purposed blurry photo?  What wonder, magic, beauty does it hold?  …because in the “not knowing”, in the time we spend in the dark, there is still wonder, magic and beauty to be discovered.

Post them to my FB page because I would LOVE to see what you discover!




  1. BreAnna S says:

    This post was ABSOLUTELY needed today. “Not knowing” can be so stressful when we let it take over our mind. I love the last part, “but exactly the form that something more and larger will take is a creation that we have not yet created and cannot demand to know.” That is so true! Thanks, Me Ra!

  2. That is me right now. Paralyzed by the unknown. Thanks for sharing.

  3. freida hall says:

    pacing around the house this morning… wondering what direction to move towards…. where to place my energy… feeling rushed… grasping for a hold on something solid. here is my truth today… my husband lost his job yesterday… change is certain… the unknown is all very blurry… that is an okay space to be at.

    inspired to read through my copy of the artists way some… thank you for sharing what you read from her book today – and of course the photo. i am there… in a state of blur. change is certain though. we flow on…

    much love me ra…

  4. Thanks so much for this post! Again, it hit me right where I’m at. As a bit of a control freak and planner, the unknown is so full of fear for me. But this year has really knocked me for a loop all-around, and I am finding that in being forced to let go of control that I am seeing so many more wonderful things happen around me, and I am being inspired to do so much more than ever before.

  5. teri says:

    i have worked through all 3 books in the artist’s way series and love julia cameron’s insights. it is so hard to let go and surrender to the journey.. i definitely needed to hear this reminder. thank you!

  6. Knowledge vs. faith…a steadfast debate in the history of the world. A long time ago, I surrendered to the fact that I will never really “know” anything. It might seem like a funny statement, but I mean it with my whole being. There was no monumental moment when I discovered this, I just one day realized I felt this way…it was a long time ago when I was a young girl. It actually gave me a deep peace, not panic. I found that I have faith. I *do* get frustrated when I feel like nothing is happening or moving forward, but I trust in that all things present themselves at the “right” time. I trust that I’m going in the right direction. So far, patience and faith have paid off. And for the record, universe (if you’re listening), I’m ready for the next step. 🙂

  7. Freida, I’m so sorry to hear your husband lost his job. How completely overwhelming. Talk about your life being in a state of blur, literally. But if there is one thing I know about you, you are much more than a survivor. You have this incredible, passionate ability to overcome anything life throws you. I’ve watched you evolve and bloom for several years now through my blog, through the workshop, through your photography, and you–your very existence–is powerful–full of power. But for today, I carry you in my prayers as you push through this unknown time with your husband. and I believe with all my heart that goodness is waiting for you both, pure goodness for all the goodness you and your man both radiate that I have had the honor of witnessing. Love you girl!

  8. kim curran says:

    Freida, time to shine. I’ll be in touch….Hi Me Ra, remarkable.

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