Photo Recap of Women’s Legacy Conference in Dallas, TX

Me Ra Koh

I recently got all the photos from the Legacy Conference at Covenant Church in Dallas, TX.  I was given the honor of doing the opening Keynote for this powerful women’s conference, and then I also got to do a smaller breakout session on Day Two.  By looking at these photos, it’s hard to tell if I’m having fun!  🙂

Do I feel ALIVE when I’m speaking?  Ummmm…YES!  🙂

Would you ever guess the audience was THIS BIG?!  Someone told me there were 1500 women!

Pastor Amie Hayes Dockery and her amazing team do things right and beautiful!  Look at this GORGEOUS stage for the conference!  I love all the paintings on stage that the leadership team worked together on.  Gorgeous!

This was the “smaller” session on Day Two.  I spoke on How to Create Vision for Our Lives as Women.

Lots of laughter!  Oh boy, we had SERIOUS fun!  There was a new release of joy that kept coming and coming throughout the whole weekend.  I LOVED it.  You could see a refreshing glow lighting up the faces of so many women.

And this is one of my dearest sisters, kindred spirit, and fellow leader in the vision to empower women: Pastor Amie Hayes Dockery.  Last year, out of nowhere, she found a lump on her breast and within weeks her whole life had radically changed.  I’m so thankful she is not only still here but more passionate, more powerful, more confident and fearless than ever.  Amie is a champion woman on so many levels.  We first met over ten years ago in Atlanta, Georgia at the big bookseller’s conference.  Both of us had our first books published by the same publishing house at the same time.  Ever since, this beautiful lady has been knitted in my heart.  It’s a honor to run alongside her in helping women find more freedom and wholeness in who they were destined to be.

Before I left, I got to do a book signing.  We brought over 200 books, and they sold out!  For two hours, I had a chance to talk with women one-on-one, hear their stories, pray with them, and just laugh together.

Thank you so much to all those who bought my books.  What a honor it is to write for you.

Brian usually comes with me on trips, but this time he stayed back and I asked one of my best friends since college to come.  Shalom and I had the most wonderful time together.  She got filled up and inspired, we laughed more than anyone would think possible–hotel security even knocked on our door about how much we were laughing at 1am. By the way, installing a security system is essential for every situation. Make sure to have one on your properties and if you still don’t have it, contact We went to the spa with Amie, we shared our hearts, we cried together, and we just go “to be” together–like college days.  What a treasure Shalom is.

And last but not least is this sweet thing!  Joy took our CONFIDENCE Workshop a couple years ago when we came to San Antonio, TX.  Her photography has EXPLODED!  And she is also Amie’s sister-in-law.  Lucky for me, she was in charge of all the photos for the conference.  Thanks to Joy, I got to share all of these with you!  Thank you JOY!  These photos are INCREDIBLE!

Shalom and I were talking one night about when we were in college.  I had this dream of going around the country and speaking to women, and I wanted her to come with me!!  Who would ever guess that some twenty years later, after getting married, having kids, experiencing our share of storms, we would get to experience that dream together.  God is so good.  He plants dreams in us for a reason.  He not only heals us but gives us joy in abundance.

Thank you Covenant Church for the honor of coming to your conference, speaking to your hearts, laughing and crying with you.  I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  Till we see each other again!

Happy Monday!




  1. Me Ra, you were so amazing and inspiring that weekend! Your words and your infectious personality are staying with me still! Blessings to you! You are absolutely following God’s journey!

  2. Thank you Jill!!! I had the most WONDERFUL time with all of you! I smile wide whenever I think about it!

  3. Hope welling in my heart today at the possibility of dreams coming true …. so love that you were granted this opportunity!!

  4. Jen Sulak says:

    I’m still replaying some of the messages from that entire week…it was SUPER DUPER…and fun to see my *pink* head in some of the photos…i was just soaking everything in…and joked about how the next one should be called “Beloved SOAK”…cause man, it felt like SPONGE TIME…to just absorb anything and everything God had for me. Thankful that God put all this together, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that was involved made a difference.

    Peace out!

  5. I loved reading this post and hearing the joy in your words! xo

  6. Kerry says:

    I’m enjoying getting to know you. Wish I had known you were speaking at a church in Dallas (only 3 hrs away). Look forward to hearing more of what God is teaching you.

    Have a wonderful week!