Get Published in My Next Book!

Me Ra Koh

Have you ever dreamed of having your photography and stories published?  Well…I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you!

We’ve had such an INCREDIBLE response to “Your Baby in Pictures” that we are moving forward with the next book in the series!!!  Woo hoo!!!  Some of you may remember that I was working on a different book to come next, we have put it on hold to get this next one out faster!  AND…Random House has given me permission to invite YOU to join the fun!!

In the heart of wanting to empower women and celebrate your eye for the beauty of children, I want to give you the opportunity to have your own Photo Recipe published in this next book!  Yes, you could have your own two page spread–teaching other moms how to capture their child with what you’ve learned along the way!

So…to get all the juicy deets on how to do this, make sure you are signed up for my newsletter.  In the next week, I’m going to send out a dedicated “Call for Photo Recipe Submissions”, and you will have limited time to submit yours.  This weekend, start looking at all your favorite images of kids to see which one would be the perfect Photo Recipe to inspire other moms!

Keep in mind, every Photo Recipe must include three entities;

1. A Great Photo that Inspires Moms to Pick Up Their Camera

2. A Developmental Milestone  (Ages 1-10)

3. Photo Technique to Try (Freezing Action, Backlight, Blurry Backgrounds, etc.)

Yeah!!  I’m so excited to include your wonderful work in the pages of my next book!  I can’t wait to see what Photo Recipes you submit.  If you don’t have “Your Baby in Pictures” already, you may want to get a copy because the Photo Recipes you submit will need to be done in this exact format.

How is that for a weekend project?  (EXCITING!)

To sign up for the newsletter, CLICK HERE or look in the right margin!



p.s. 8 days left till the Gatherings Photo Contest Deadline! Enter TODAY!


  1. Can’t wait to see the new book. I’m a grandmother, but I have LOVED your first book and learned so much! Thanks for sharing with us amateurs!

  2. BreAnna says:

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait for your next book to come out. Have a great weekend in Minneapolis!! 🙂

  3. Olena Thompson says:

    Hi Me Ra, I am so excited about your new book. It’s funny, but just yesterday I thought it would be great if you could publish another book beyond 1 year old. I was even going to email you to encourage you to do so. And here you go! I am so excited! Can’t wait!

  4. Big, hugs likes on this post! Congratulations and best wishes on this new, exciting journey!!! I adore my signed copy of YBIP!