Determine if You are Failing or Succeeding

What determines if you are failing or succeeding?  I have to ask myself this question to stop a vicious mental cycle.  I want to start the new year with a pause, a long enough pause to ponder this question.  If I don’t, I sit like a merciless judge overlooking each day’s events with a critical […]

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My Self-Portrait with My Twelve Year Old Daughter

Get ready, it’s a long one today!  My self-portrait with my twelve year old daughter is where I start my new year. What started out as a creative experiment six years ago became a passion.  Self-portraits are my way of visually documenting the different seasons I walk through as a woman, wife, artist and mom.  […]

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Albert Einstein Quote

This Albert Einstein quote was pinned to the bulletin board in my naturopath’s office. Powerful or what?! The small bulb of seaweed looking out to the giant rocks seemed like the most fitting photo.  🙂  How often the rational mind feels like the giant… xo, m p.s.  Make sure you are signed up for our […]

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If you have ever been hurt by an authority figure, you often think twice when you hear the word submission.  The abuse of power and authority seeds a struggle with submission for most of us.  What strikes me most is how this struggle can directly affect my own trust in God.  (Forewarning, I’m going to […]

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Have you ever found yourself looking for growth after all the hard work you’ve done, and yet find no sign of progress?  If yes, you will love the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. The story comes from an excerpt out of a book called Flourish. This is one of two books that I’m sending […]

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If your creative well is empty, you have to check out this course that Me Ra Koh offers on steps to replenishing your creative spirit!

Steps to replenishing our creative spirit is something I take seriously.  Trying to create while running on empty doesn’t work well.  It’s certainly not sustainable.  And yet, there are baby steps all around me that I can take.  Whether it’s the craziness of the holiday season or a dry spell I’m walking through, I love […]

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