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Your Input Wanted and 4th Recap!

Me Ra Koh

We live about five blocks up from the waterfront. By 12 noon, our street and the blocks behind us are already filled with parked cars for the big Freedom Festival on the water. Pascaline is finally that age where she realized how to cash in on this! 🙂

It was a blast watching these little entrepreneurs at work!

People would ask her how much the lemonade was, and she’s shrug her shoulders and say, “You can give me .25 cents or $1, it’s up to you.” In a couple hours she and Blaze had $16 to spend at the festival!

I could tell Blaze wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew there was something to be excited about! Pascaline on the other hand was so serious about it all.

This by far was more fun to watch then the fireworks! As we closed shop and headed down to the fair we ran into three more lemonade stands! Pascaline finally got to be the customer, but she had one comment as we walked away. “Mom, their lemonade tastes way better than mine, but what disappoints me is the fact that they didn’t have any fresh flowers on their table!” (gotta love it!)

Sara, an awesome mom of two, sent me some of her results from the sparkler exercise! They’re so fun! She had a blast experimenting with the kids and her camera!

Jennifer is a photographer in Seattle. Check out her fireworks photos! They’re incredible! Thanks for sending them Jennifer! What a great job! I’m totally impressed!

By now, some of you should be receiving DVD 1! Brian and I can’t wait to hear what you think! DVD 2, Beyond the Green Box, will be coming soon. We’re aiming for end of August!

So here’s the “Your Input Wanted” part for you parents, especially moms.

We’ve talked with a couple big retail stores about the idea of our DVD being carried, but I’m not sure these are places moms really go all that often. Here’s my question, where or what type of places do you think we should try to have the DVD series?

I’m trying to get out of the box in my thinking on this and not limiting the spots to camera departments or stores. I was thinking a place like Gymboree because it’s where moms are, the clothes are awesome, and it’s introducing the DVD to moms in a non-technical environment.

Any thoughts?


  1. Jennifer Rashell says:

    Hey Me Ra! How about putting the DVD in some preschools or Pascaline’s school perhaps? Schools are flooded with parents and when I think back to when I was still teaching (at a private school) mom’s would have flipped for that DVD! Another idea would be to put the DVDs at some privately owned children’s shops. In Mill Creek for example, there’s a shop called Little Lads and Lasses that is darling and I could definitely see the DVD being in a shop like that!! By the way… it just arrived in my mailbox today and I cannot wait to view it!!!!!

  2. Me Ra says:

    Thanks Jennifer!

    And thanks to those of you who are emailing me ideas! You’re all AWESOME!

  3. Todd Kim says:

    Me Ra, Your children are adorable! You’re gonna have to hire Pascaline as your business manager next year when she’s strong enough to present your big albums to your wedding clients. She knows how to upsell!

  4. michelle says:

    woo hoo! i got the DVD today! cant wait till the kids go to bed tonight!!

    i think you should DEFINITELY try marketing in scrapbook stores. scrapbookers always want to know how to take better pics!
    thanks again.. for being you!

  5. michelle says:

    i the dvd today! i cant wait to watch it later!

    i definitely think you should market to scrapbooking stores!! scrapbookers always want to know how to take better pictures!

    thanks again .. for being you!

  6. Kerri says:

    I just watched the snot out of my new DVD that just arrived late this afternoon. I ripped it open and put it in and just finished watching the trailer for the next one and I cant wait to order it and get it!
    My husband and I have a photography jones and now our adult kids are in on it too. SO we are Lydell Photography and it is our family business and what we eat and breathe everyday! I am sure you know what i mean. Our kids are 19 and 23 and really getting fired up for this. Our son just got hired for his first solo wedding. We are jazzed for him. Our daughter is going to help him out. Cant wait to see what they get.

    I bought this since my oldest daughter presented us with the most joyful little boy who is now 4 months old and I want to get the best out of this time I can. I am so glad I ordered this!

    Thanks for your contagious excitement and wisdom and heart!

    I would love to come to one of your workshops!!! Just to get a beautifull wrapped gift like that!!! lol

    Ok now that I have come down to earth for now I can truly say I have enjoyed this DVD more than any I have purchased so far!!! You dont want to know how many that is! lol

    There are alot of childrens boutiques out there! I wonder if they are all seperately owned or if there might be a parent company for some of them.
    I just bought some cute clothes in SF at a little shop on Chestnut street called “Jack and Janie” I beleive. Super cute store and clothes and packaging… you might try them as one of your contacts?

    Well I feel like I know you and your husband is a kick! I thought my husband was funny! You both did a fantastic job on this and I think this would make great Baby Shower gifts! So how about Babies R Us?

    I am going to bookmark your blog to keep up with you…

    Have a great weekend! Off to shoot a wedding and it looks like it will be 100 plus degrees…sigh!


  7. Jesse says:

    *COFFEE SHOPS: Most moms I know frequent coffee shops.

    *Hanna Anderssen / Gymboree stores are great and as well as local boutiques.

    What about hospital gift stores?

    Local frame stores?

    Scrapbooking moms–where do they hang out? Arts and Crafts stores? Also, places like the Paper Zone or other high end paper stores.

    Pottery Barn/PBK; The Land of Nod (my favorite store of all time).



  8. J Sandifer says:

    I’d give Pascaline a buck for some iced tea! Such fun!

  9. Leah says:

    I just wanted to second the idea for coffee shops (Starbucks) and scrapbooking stores!

  10. Gina says:

    Oh my gosh! Me Ra, this is the cutest thing! I can’t believe Pasc & Blaze didn’t tell me about this today. I’m dying over the last shot with their expressions. So cute!

  11. Erin says:

    What about,Flora and Henri the wonderful childrens clothing store,boutique childrens shops,independent book stores,independent specialty toy shops, some kind of online or specialty Waldorf store/board. You could press release these magazines: Wondertime, Mothering, Parenting, American Baby, Parents, Parent and Child, Seattle, Seattle Metro., Fit Pregnancy, Cookie, Baby Steps, Pregnancy.

  12. GiGi Ma says:

    Think you should try a pediatric’s office,you know how many Mothers and Dads frequent their Dr’s office.
    Blaze looks as if he knows Sissie has everything ready to go.
    Love, GiGi Ma

  13. There is MUCH gold to be made at scrapbook stores, online stores etc. Scrapbookers spend serious cash, they love photography (obviously) and are shopping for those type items anyway…
    Just my .02 or 200,000 if it works LOL

  14. Kari says:

    You MUST do press releases to the parenting magazines and maybe even websites like babycenter. As a DEDICATED online shopper, I totally buy their recommendations as I don’t have much time to frequent boutiques and the like (unless Trader Joes counts as a boutique….).

    On another note, when did Pascaline get to be so grown up? I still remember that she was the first face I saw as Dave and I walked down the aisle after getting married and she was a babe in arms!! Now she is running her own business? Whatever!

  15. Mike Larson says:

    SO cute, nice shots, i love em

  16. 43773 says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I watched the DVD and I loved it. I will watch it a few more times just for the inspiration. I loved the way you really simplified what we all strive to capture! can’t wait to see the next one.

  17. Teresa says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I watched the DVD and I loved it. I will watch it a few more times just for the inspiration. I loved the way you really simplified what we all strive to capture! can’t wait to see the next one.

  18. Nickie says:

    Me Ra,
    I just finished watching the DVD and enjoyed it very much. Your children are so adorable. I can’t wait to start shooting my kiddos tomorrow. I think craft stores like Michaels and Joanns and also scapbooking stores would be a great place for your DVD’s. I’m diffently recommending them to my friends. Thanks for the lens cleaner. Nickie

  19. Carol says:

    As a busy mom I do a lot of shopping online now at places like A few months ago I was looking for something that would help me learn to take better pictures of my son. I searched on Amazon, but what I found there was less than inspiring. I think your DVD would really stand out there. I’m very grateful for your blog!

    Other ideas are specialty shops that have gift registries like Birth & Beyond and Right Start. Wouldn’t it be cool if expecting moms could register for the DVD? Photography was very much on my mind when I was pregnant, we bought a new camera and video camera and I would have been so excited to find your DVD then as well!

  20. Kate says:

    I think that your DVD series would do really well in specialty maternity shops like A Pea in the Pod, etc. Also, you could contact the marketing departments of hospitals to see if you could include your DVD series ordering information in new parent’s take home gifts.

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