Finding Healing

Preparing Your Heart for the Holidays

Me Ra Koh

The holiday entertainment can be a joyful time, but for many they can also be a painful and uncomfortable time.  If you are hurting this month, I’ve written a handful of posts around the theme of preparing your heart for the holidays.  One post was on Tuesday that has resonated so deeply with readers.  It’s called To Those Who Worry, Fear and Doubt, and it’s all about preparing your heart for the new year, if thoughts of the new year already overwhelm you.  Last week 5 Ways to Accept a Compliment. 

I often find my heart in meditation during the holidays.  Meditating on the simplest of things.

The other morning I was struck by the morning light.  The Fall sun was illuminating these stalks of wheat, and it cast the most distinct shadow on the wall with my shadow following it.  The shadows were so beautiful, dancing on the wall as the wind danced between the stalks.  So often we feel afraid of shadows, shadows that represent pain or past regrets.  But I believe those shadows are the very thing that can give us strength and confidence.

Resist listening to the voices that tell you how isolated you are…

how everyone is enjoying the holidays but you.  Instead, push through those voices by taking a step forward.  Step into a church.  Even if you sit in the back door and don’t say a word, let yourself feel comforted by the singing.  Step into a coffee shop, inviting someone to coffee.  Take whatever step you can, no matter how small, that symbolically says “NO” to the lie that you are and always will be alone.

You are not alone.  Pain wants to separate us, but you are not alone.

Here are a handful of links to prepare your heart for the holidays. 

May you be encouraged, comforted, brought to unexpected laughter, given space to cry, and know you are not alone.

To Those Who Worry, Fear and Doubt (posted on Tuesday about facing the New Year)

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You can also find more inspiring and healing posts under the category Finding Healing and Advice for Moms.  Whatever level of art and parenting you practice, there is encouragement there for you.

I want you to feel surrounded this holiday season with resources–words of life that talk straight, not have to look to far for a ray of hope and if nothing else, receive another layer of healing this holiday season.  You are worthy of that and so much more!