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Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait Wall Art Install

Me Ra Koh

Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait Wall Art Install – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh

We’re so excited to share this beautiful Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait wall art install! Everything turned out AWE-mazing! With their permission, we get to share it with you!

Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait Wall Art Install by Me Ra Koh

During COVID-19, our studio teamed up with CLJ Photography to provide more families with custom designed wall art and albums for their home. All hands were on deck to give the Lawrence family an amazing experience from the Custom Gown Fitting to the Photo Shoot to the Reveal and Design Session.

Redefining Family Portraits

At the Reveal, after Demarcus Lawrence, otherwise known as TankLawrence, saw all the beautiful portraits of his wife and family, he looked at me and Brian and said the whole experience was so cool. He loved it all!

My heart soared!

We’re redefining what it means to give you a luxury family portrait experience that is so personal and custom to your loved ones. The results are gorgeous fine art portraits you want all over your home. You want them displayed because you see what is most meaningful captured in your portraits.

How Does the Journey Start?

Before our photo shoots, we take time to jump on the phone and ask thoughtful questions that help us discover what is most meaningful to you. Everything shot in the studio is based on what we learn from our calls with you. That’s why our families love their wall art so much!

Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait Wall Art Install by Me Ra Koh, Runway Wall

The wall art isn’t just another great holiday pic to share on social media. There is purpose and meaning to what was captured.

Whether it’s a portrait of your son doing a back flip because you never want him to forget his resilience or your son is on the spectrum and having him look at the camera is something you never dreamed possible. What is most meaningful to you is what we’re going to capture.

You See It to Scale

Before the photo shoot our families send us photos of the different walls in their home that they’re thinking of displaying wall art. When the parents come back for the Reveal and Design Session, we project their walls/rooms and design different ideas with them side-by-side to scale. Everyone loves the photo shoot, but everyone’s FAVORITE part is the Design Session without question.

Every wall chosen is strategic. It’s all about what you want to feel and dwell in every time you see that portrait in that spot. It’s the BEST! This mindset is how we’ve decorated our own home for years. Brian calls it “positive propaganda” for the family. And it’s powerful!

Whether it’s a Dallas Cowboy family portrait wall art install or a single mom who wants to celebrate her daughter turning sixteen, we help you design art for your home that anchors the room, sets the mood, and fills you up every single time you see it!

Demarcus Lawrence Bedroom Wall Art Install_Me Ra Koh

Thankful Beyond Words

Thank you so much to the Lawrence family for letting us share their beautiful Dallas Cowboy family portrait wall art install! It’s so exciting when you can see how the wall art actually looks in people’s homes.

Amazing job with the shoot Cydnee! We love being a team with you!

The fun part is that almost everyone always chooses a different wall to display their wall art.

What wall would you choose?

Tell me in the comments! I’d love to know what wall you would choose in your own home.

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A Favorite Question We Ask

Describe how your youngest or only child fills your heart with joy?

See! We’ve got really fun, sweet questions for you. Let’s get your Discovery Process going for an amazing luxury photographic experience of your own!

Click this link and fill out the form answering that first question. Our wonderful team will reach out to you to learn more. Through a series of thoughtful questions, we’ll help you discover what you want most captured.

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Family is a Work of Art

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  1. Brian says:

    Sasha and Demarcus and their kids loved their artwork as I unboxed everything. Her in-laws were visiting and loved it. She FaceTimed her sister. It was a great feeling seeing fruit of all our work so loved and now displaying in our clients’ homes.