Inspiration for Shoots

Little Girls Dressed Up in Vintage Hats

Me Ra Koh

Did I set out to do a photo shoot around the theme of little girls dressed up in vintage hats?  Not at all.

My creative process often begins with a small tug.

On the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City is a weekend market full of eclectic treasures.When I left my brother’s apartment, I had no idea I would even see the Saturday market or end up purchasing a handful of vintage hats.  That’s why I love creativity.  It often begins in the dark, and if we follow the small tugs it leads us to wonderful places.  The creative tug for this project started with the stacks of mirrors.  I saw myself in the mirrors’ reflections with face smiling in one and legs off centered in another.  What would it be like to give the little girls a new way to see themselves?  And that’s when I saw the vintage hats.  What would it look like if little girls dressed up in vintage hats?

Found these adorable photos of Little Girls Dressed Up in Vintage Hats by Me Ra Koh


  1. Dear Me Ra,
    THANK YOU for being such a talented photographer who captures such precious moments of our family life.

    We LOVE all the pics you recently took of our loved ones The Scotts.

    I enjoy reading your blogs and follow your adventures.
    Kisses to you and your family.

  2. Cherri says:

    OMGoodness Vintage Princesses!!
    I absolutely love this idea and how darling each little girl was with her vintage hat!
    Such a wonderfully fun & magical idea!! Sure makes me miss the days when you were a wee little princess!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love you, mom