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Photo Tips for Dealing with Harsh Sun

Me Ra Koh

This is a reader’s favorite from the archives!  Want some photo tips for dealing with harsh sun?  Tired of crazy shadows on the kids’ faces or hot spots on their head?  You can still take great photos at noon!  Promise!  The secret is adjusting your subject until you get the light just right on their face.

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Check out these Photo Tips for Dealing with Harsh Sun from Me Ra Koh

You’ll LOVE it!!! And then I’d LOVE to see your photo results from what you get this summer!!! You are always welcome to post them on my Facebook Page, and I’ll give you feedback.  Feel free to post any questions!  I can’t wait to see what you create with these photo tips for dealing with harsh sun!

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Enjoy this blast from the past blog post!


Me Ra, The Photo Mom