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Go Behind-the-Scenes w/ me and a few Special Moms! “Your Baby in Pictures” on King 5 News!

Me Ra Koh

I’ve got to introduce you to some pretty awesome mamas and babies!

A few weeks ago, I was given the honor of demonstrating some of my favorite photo-recipes from Your Baby in Pictures on King 5 news in Seattle!  But the best part, I got to have mamas and their babies come on set and be my models!  You can watch the segment, A Baby Forever, below, but here are a few fun behind-the-scenes shots.  This was so much FUN!  And even though it was a few weeks ago, I had to share!  Check out these shots!

These moms all volunteered to be my guinea pigs on the King 5 news set!

They got powdered for the camera and lights!

Their little ones played back stage.  (So stinking cute!)

When the cameras started rolling, the audience started clapping, the lights were shining bright–these sweeties did an AMAZING job!

But when the show’s segment was over, they CRASHED HARD! I mean, after all, it’s tough being a model for one of my photo-recipes!  🙂  Especially if your the model for “Those Chunky, Adorable Baby Legs”.

To see these precious babies and their beautiful mamas in action, hit PLAY below.  Or CLICK HERE!


A BIG HUG to ALL the moms and babies who came on set!  Thank you so much for being in the audience and for letting me grab a handful of you and put you in front of the camera!  You were all amazing troopers!!  I’ve been meaning to thank you since that day–your time and willingness to be available is not taken lightly and blessed me and so many viewers!

For MORE Photo Tips, see the ones I gave to King 5’s website!  CLICK HERE and scroll past the video!

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  1. Neyssa says:

    Thank you for letting Milo an I be a part of the show. We had a wonderful time. You and Brian are truly as genuine as you appear on tv and in your blog. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the confidence workshop next month (Milo is “modeling again!).

  2. Mrs. Flinger says:

    YEY! Laura is a super great friend of mine and doesn’t take enough pictures of that awesome Tyler of hers. I always tease her about it but my crappy iPhone pictures don’t do him justice. I’m so glad you inspired her to get those chubby thighs. 🙂

    It was so fun watching this and now getting to read the behind-the-scenes. Thanks so much for posting it!

  3. Laura says:

    I loved meeting you and Tyler loved being a baby model for your photo-recipe!

    Leslie is right and I do not photograph him nearly enough. Thanks to you I have his chubby thighs forever in pictures!

    Thank you for letting us be part of the show!

  4. So Fun! Love, Love, Love those chunky legs!