The White Ghost Watching Over Us

Me Ra Koh

We heard a sudden crashing yesterday.  It was a distant sound, and then suddenly it was upon us.  A white figure moved through the trees outside our house, swinging from limb to limb with such force and determination, we couldn’t help but stand in awe.  Some people live here for years and never see what I refer to as the “White Ghost”.  Our last encounter with one of these majestic beings was last year.  Pascaline was reaching her climax of pain and high temperatures with the Dengue Fever.  The Dengue is often called the “bone breaker” because you feel like your bones are being crushed while you fever.  She cried out thinking her nose had broken off, and it was all we could do to hold her down and try to calm her.  And then the White Ghost came, but not just one, three or four.  Over Pascaline’s high pitched screams, the even louder whooping, whirling sounds of the Gibbon Apes encircled our house.  In that moment, Pascaline felt held–loved by the jungle.  That was the last time, we saw a White Ghost…until yesterday.

You hear the crashing sound first.  It sounds like a large body is falling through the trees, breaking every limb in its path.  And then, if you are lucky, you’ll see the white figure go swinging by–from branch to branch to branch–flawless at acrobatics in the canopy above you.  Not only did we see the White Ghost go flying by, but we watched him climb up the tree that looks over our house.

He climbed the tree and sat in the branches, exposed, looking down on us.  After five minutes of him staying put, the kids ran to tell our friends to come–come and see the White Ghost.  and he stayed for almost 15 minutes, looking down over our home.  People couldn’t believe how “out in the open” he was.  We couldn’t believe how long he stayed.  It was a magical moment.  It was our miracle with Gibbon apes.

When magic rises up around you, you can’t help but wonder the unusual, the unlikely, or impossible…can he recognize our scent? Does he remember Pascaline?  Is he even one of the three that came to her last year?  Is he watching over us, letting us know he is still here?  Is this moment random?  Am I silly for even wondering any of these things?

Without warning, he turned and leaped off the tree and swung away.  Those that live here full time expressed how rare this was–how amazing.  Our hearts were full of magic and wonder.

And then yesterday, in the late afternoon, the crashing sound came again.  At a time of day, when you rarely hear or see a Gibbon, the White Ghost came swinging through the trees again–the same blur of wonder.  Up the tree he climbed, and there he sat for almost twenty minutes.

I’m convinced that the White Ghost is watching over us.

What do you think?






  1. Carol Davis says:

    I am certain he is watching over you. 🙂 Wonderful shots !

  2. donna says:

    Any encounter with nature is pure magic. I’d feel so blessed if I were you.

  3. Nikki says:


  4. Freida Hall says:

    Yes, indeed. Beautiful post.

  5. Rhonda Kane says:

    So cool!!! He’s a gift – (like in the chapter about the moon in One Thousand Gifts). And I’d say definitely watching over you. These are the kinds of moments that make me wish animals could talk.

  6. jeramy says:

    for sure he remembers you guys. 🙂 i enjoy reading your stories so much….it makes me feel like i’ve been to thailand too. have a great day!

  7. BreAnna S says:

    He’s definitely watching over you! And I bet he was indeed one of the ones that came by your house last year. I know there’s no way to prove it, but I have a good feeling. It’s so nice to know that the jungle has welcomed you back with open arms! 🙂

  8. ali anderson says:

    i think everything you were hoping to receive during your time in thailand is seeking you out in the most unexpected of ways. keep sending us stories! xo

  9. Nickie Mullin says:

    What a magical story. I would say he is definitely watching over you. Enjoy your time in Thailand. Can’t wait to read more.

  10. Richelle says:

    Goosebumps! What an awesomely spiritual/magical experience!

  11. angela says:

    that just made the hair on my arms stand up! i have NO doubt he is watching over all of you — especially sweet P. so proud of all of you for going back. wishing you peace, happiness and safe travels!

  12. Lana says:

    Absolutely watching over you! Enjoy Thailand this time, and keep posting so we can enjoy it with you.

  13. Kari at MamaBloo says:

    Oh, Me Ra…. we know there is no such thing as “random.” Not only am I convinced that he is watching over you, but I know he remembers Pascaline.

    What a superb piece of writing today. XXOO!

  14. Genie says:

    Do we know it’s a ‘he’, not a ‘she’? Please send her energetic waves of ‘thank you for watching over us’. She knows where the love is! I have to say that those big eyes remind me a bit of Pascaline’s. No question there’s a connection. Wonderful!

  15. Alisa says:

    Me Ra, I definitely think he’s there for a reason. My guess is he’s there to tell you he’s glad you’re back. What an amazing gift. 🙂

  16. Colleen Echohawk says:

    Of course they are watching over you! What an amazing story.

  17. Watching over you, and maybe thanking you and Pascaline for not giving up on the jungle.

  18. Laura Hanis says:

    I’ve got goosebumps! The world is one amazing wonderful place and I can’t help but think that this he/she was there last year. You’re not silly…most people would probably ask themselves those same questions.

  19. Charisse says:

    Amazing things happen to amazing people. So glad you all had the courage to go back and experience all the beauty that is awaiting you there. Angels are among us…even deep in the jungles of Thailand.

  20. RachelAbelson says:

    Simply amazing. So glad you took your trip-healing is finding you in unexpected ways.

  21. Debbie says:

    I too believe that it is one and the same from your last trip… that it remembers you and in some ways is letting you know that with this trip you are safe… and that God through his amazing creatures, is watching over you and the family. MeRa, you caught moments that some will never ever see, and with the story and the pictures, you are sharing them with all of us.. Letting us know, that in God’s own way… big or small, with people or animals, that he is always with us.. Enjoy your time, we already know your angels are watching over you.. keep your stories coming and always remember how very special you and your family are to all of us…

  22. Beautiful Me Ra! I am so happy that this trip is going well for you! I think the jungle is saying the same thing!

  23. Idie A says:

    Yes! I totally believe in this stuff. Those monkeys are smart!
    Have fun!

  24. Grandma says:

    How wonderful to have those beautiful monkeys on your side!!!!! Better bring lots of stories home. Enjoy your time in the wild. Hugs to all. Gigi & Grandma)

  25. Keisa says:

    I love it! I believe he is watching over your family. How magical!