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New Photo-Recipe, Photo Gift Ideas & @NateBerkusShow Field Trip!

Me Ra Koh

Today is going to be fun!  We’ve got a handful of things up our sleeve!

1. What’s the Coolest, New Photo Gift?  Answer: Printing on METAL!

Not only do we love Nate, but we also love those Metal Panels on the show!

(never going to wash that kiss away!  :))

These Metal Panels are right from the walls of my home!  I LOVE them!  People on set went crazy over them!!  They are totally the NEW way to display photos!  And it’s a perfect photo gift for the holidays!  You can order the Metal Panels through CanvasRox!

I also love them because it makes the photo look 3-D.  It’s insane! CanvasRox also does the Chromalux Panels too (that we talked about on the show)!  And the cost for Metal and Chromalux is a third of the price of having a canvases printed!  Seriously, this is my Favorite Photo Gift idea!   (And a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to Roxie of CanvasRox for helping me pull these favorite products together for the show.  Roxanne, you are awesome!)

2.  Hear the Story Behind this Family of THREE Babies Under Two!  It’s Amazing! (get Kleenex)

CLICK HERE to check your local listings so you can watch me work with this precious family as we capture a modern family photo for the holidays!

3. Answering Your Mail!

Nate Berkus viewers are sending in the BEST questions about our Photo Segments.  Lots of you have asked what SONY camera I’m using, what lens, etc.  We did some Behind-the-Scenes videos where I answer your questions!

So c’mon!  Let’s take a Field Trip to The Nate Berkus Show website!

CLICK HERE to hear me share what SONY camera I’m using and why!

CLICK HERE to hear what lens I’m shooting with when we did the Pet Photo Segments!

But that’s not all!  I’ve also go a NEW Photo-Recipe for Capturing the Modern Family Holiday Photo!  Within the Photo-Recipe, I go a little deeper with all of you on what the steps are and how to set up your camera whether you have a Point-and-Shoot or DSLR!  Enjoy and keep sending questions to the show for me!  We all love getting your questions and will continue to answer them for you!

4.  Hip, Seattle-Style, Photo Card!

Meet GH Kim Photography!!!  They are Seattle based photographers who I adore!

As photographers, you get a TON of photo cards during the holidays from all your colleagues.  Every year, GH Kim’s card knocks it out of the park.  You’ll see one of their COOLEST, most CREATIVE holiday cards on the show today!  Check out GH Kim’s photo portfolio and blog by clicking away!

5. Beautiful Holiday Cards!

Need to order your Holiday Cards before it’s too late?  Want to have ornaments or books made out of your beautiful photos?  We suggest Shutterfly! They’ve got endless designs to pick from, and the quality is beautiful with fast turn around!  This is one of my favorites!

6.  Go a Step Farther with Photography!

Just a reminder that our award winning, instructional DVDs come with FREE SHIPPING through the holiday season!  If you are a newbie but love buttery, blurry backgrounds…if you love taking pictures but feel lost when you read the camera manual…if you struggle to capture story telling shots vs. snap shots…I made this DVD series for YOU!

CLICK HERE to order!

7.  SOAR! with your Photography Dream!

The SOAR! Scholarship is now open!  Got a photography dream but no camera gear, tools, or mentoring to support it?  Get your application turned in by Monday, December 20th, and your dream may be one of the three that are picked to SOAR!

CLICK HERE for all the juicy details!

Seven wonderful ways to make photography that much more enjoyable!  How can you not love photography!  Not only is taking pictures so fun and exciting, but the gift ideas, cards, etc are all icing on the cake!

If you are new to this blog and found us through The Nate Berkus Show today, I want to give you a big, warm welcome!  We are so excited to meet you!  If you love taking pictures, click the Photo-Recipe tab for all our Photo Taking Tips and Tricks!  Post a comment and introduce yourself!  Be inspired by the Amazing Mom features, women that are just like you and making their photography dreams come true (no matter what the obstacles are–and they are facing some intense obstacles).  And if you have a photography dream of your own, make sure you check out the SOAR! Scholarship!

It’s wonderful to have you join us!  And thanks to thousands and thousands of those who meet me here everyday! Your support…it simply leaves me speechless.



p.s.  A BIG hug and thank you to Nate Berkus who is always up for a crazy photo adventure whether it’s dogs or babies, who believes and works to empower others to follow their dreams, and is just an all around GREAT, GREAT guy.  Nate, we are so glad you are feeling better.  Look forward to seeing you again soon!  Love you!


  1. Me Ra my sweet! Thank you so, SO MUCH for all that you do for me! I can hardly WAIT to see Nate’s reaction to the metals…

    I am so blessed to have your friendship in my life. Lots of love to you, Brian, Pascaline and Blaze! <3


  2. Me Ra says:

    Absolutely Roxie! Thanks to you, our photos aren’t sitting on a hard drive and instead, filling our home with magic!

  3. My two favorite celebrities – Me Ra and Nate! I can’t wait to watch! Mwah!

  4. Andrea says:

    Girlfriend, you rocked it! and You looked gorgeous with your red top. So proud of you!! 🙂

  5. Grace Kim says:

    So much fun! Thanks for the shout out! You are fabulous in every way! xoxo

  6. Angela says:

    This was the second time I have seen you on the Nate Show. I’m becoming a huge fan. I loved your outfit…….where did you get that sweater? Please share. 😉

  7. Lauren says:

    Love the metal!! Got to order this for my family for Christmas!

  8. Kristin says:

    I really liked the holiday card your friends GH Kim made that you showed on the Nate show…I would love to see an image of it and how they went about making it (template etc.) but can’t seem to find it anywhere online. Any chance you can post? thank you!

  9. Very cool holiday cards!