The Business Book for Photographers!

Me Ra Koh

From the back cover;

“In this world of over-communication, social networks and the blurry line between friend and stranger, clients are more than ready to buy your why and who, long before they buy what you do or even how you do it.” -Jeff Jochum

Simply put…my business wouldn’t know how to fly without Jeff Jochum.  Better said… I wouldn’t know how to fly without Jeff.

Since 2004, Jeff has been an incredible mentor, whether it’s over our phone calls or him building me up in the green room before I stand in front of two million viewers.  Every time we have a conversation, I simply can’t take notes fast enough.  He doesn’t mince words and isn’t afraid to challenge me.  He has loved my family and me….How do you repay someone who has given so much?

When Jeff called to see if I would take a look at his book and consider writing his Foreword, I had a small way to give back to him.  What started with the Foreword evolved into me flying to his home in Denver and going through every page of this book.  Working on this book has been an honor, and I am crazy proud of it!

Work Happily Ever After by Jeff Jochum with Me Ra Koh

In this book, you will discover the eleven principles that Jeff has taught me over the years.  I’ve often wanted to write down the lessons, his bold statements that have shifted my perspective, the anecdotal stories that help me understand business better than any class…This book holds all of that!

If you are small business owner, especially a photographer, this is the book that I’ve always wanted you to have.  This is not a self-help book or a list of quick steps to finding your specialty.  This book will challenge your thinking, and you will find yourself coming back to it over and over again.  At times, this book will make you uncomfortable; push your limits, and even beliefs.  In the end, this book will invite you to look closely at what makes you special.  I think this is the scariest question of all, touching on all our fears of not being special enough.

Are you willing to risk finding the answer for yourself?  People can tell you all day long that you are special, that you are enough, but do you believe it?

Do you believe it is possible for you to Work Happily Ever-After?

I’m prepping to send my CONFIDENCE teachers their own box of inspirational summer reading.  This book will be in there.  To add it to your summer reading list; purchase Work Happily Ever-After here!

(Yay Jeff!  It is AVAILABLE!!)

Can’t wait to hear what you ALL think!



  1. jen sulak says:

    just got this, SO TIMELY.
    i never thought God would be this specific and detailed about my personal needs as a human/artist…and as a spiritual being. I’m so thankful HE cares even when it seems like no one else does.

  2. Me Ra says:

    I can’t think of many other things that make my spirit smile so wide or encourage me more with what I spend my time working on–focusing on–, when I hear the timing of a blog post or project is speaking right to your heart!!! Thank you for always letting me know!

    Who is this book for? ALL small business owners!!! Specializing is KEY, no matter what your trade!


  3. Michelle S says:

    SO awesome! Heading over to order mine now. 🙂

  4. Lynda Kennedy says:

    SO looking forward to receiving the book – Thanks MeRa!!

  5. Ordered one today. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi MeRa its a good information for all

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