Our family of four stepped into the unknown on March 25, 2014. We put our sweet home of 10 years on the market, packed all our belongings into storage, and set off to film our dream — a family travel show that goes off the beaten path, inspiring families to become their own adventure families […]

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Do you struggle with Marketing Yourself, Biz 101 article from Me Ra Koh

Did you spend a ton of time building a business or creating a product you are passionate about, only to find that you are a reluctant salesman? When I think of the term “salesman,” I picture a few things that are not pretty. I picture the guy walking up to me at a used car lot with […]

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Have you ever found yourself looking for growth after all the hard work you’ve done, and yet find no sign of progress?  If yes, you will love the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. The story comes from an excerpt out of a book called Flourish. This is one of two books that I’m sending […]

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Work Happily Ever After by Jeff Jochum with Me Ra Koh

From the back cover; “In this world of over-communication, social networks and the blurry line between friend and stranger, clients are more than ready to buy your why and who, long before they buy what you do or even how you do it.” -Jeff Jochum Simply put…my business wouldn’t know how to fly without Jeff […]

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I’ll never forget a certain dinner with my business mentor.  We were discussing some big decisions that were looming over me.  I told him I was afraid to make the wrong decision: the consequences of choosing the wrong thing felt overwhelming.  He looked at me with kindness and said “Me Ra, not falling is still […]

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If your creative well is empty, you have to check out this course that Me Ra Koh offers on steps to replenishing your creative spirit!

Surviving as an Entrepreneur – Overcoming Fear – Dallas Speaker & Author I can’t decide whether this post would be more appropriately titled Surviving as an Entrepreneur or How to Survive When You Feel like You’re Crashing. Let me explain and you can decide. Being empty seems to hit us when we least expect it.  […]

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