Sony and Me Ra

Two Magazines in April! Popular Photography and American Photo!

Me Ra Koh

So I’m walking through the airport, and I pick up a copy of Popular Photography magazine, flip it open and BAM!  Pascaline is right on the inside cover!!  I was so excited and tried to tell the lady behind the cash register, but I don’t think she understood a thing I said.

Popular Photography Magazine, Me Ra Koh 1

But that’s not all, her sweet smile is in America Photo magazine too!  If you are headed to an airport or the bookstore, check out this month’s issues of Popular Photography and American Photo magazines.  Sony is sponsoring the annual Digital Days event, and I’m honored to be speaking for part of the day on May 2nd in SEATTLE!  This will be my first time speaking at Digital Days, so I’m pumped!  Plus, it’s coming to my hometown—how sweet is that!

American Photo Magazine, Me Ra Koh

For more information on what is going to be taught, the schedule, the cities Digital Days will be coming too, etc. CLICK HERE!

And if you register for the Seattle event, you better ping me on Facebook and let me know!  I would love to meet you!


Me Ra

p.s.  The SOAR! gals were asked to shadow a pro photographer this month and next.  Read about some of the valuable lessons Linda learned!  See it today, just  CLICK HERE!



  1. Melisa says:

    I saw Pascaline in Popular Photography… actually Chris was flipping through it and said Hey that’s MeRa’s daughter! How cool! I just love that photo of Pascaline with the ribbon!

  2. Me Ra Koh says:

    Thanks Melisa!

  3. Betty says:

    As a loyal blog stalker, I was pleasantly surprised to see you (well…. Pascaline) in the magazine! I recognized your photo & your daughter’s spirit as soon as I flipped the page!!! Your blog entries move me & your sense of capturing the moment speak volumes. I’m only an amateur hobby photographer that loves capturing our family & friends but would love to attend one of your seminars – now come to South Florida! 🙂 We’ve got beautiful weather & amazing locations!

  4. Rhonda says:

    Yay!!! I too love that picture. And YAY for a speaking engagement that doesn’t require traveling.