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Best of Friends: Photo Tips for Baby and Dog

Me Ra Koh

If you have a copy of my bestselling book (I still pinch myself when I type those words!) Your Baby in Pictures, you’ve seen one of my favorite sections on photo tips for baby and dog!  Below is a little BTS (behind the scenes) story on how this darling photo shoot went down.  It’s all the juicy details you can’t publish!

Check out Your Baby in Pictures Me Ra Koh's guide to photographing baby's first year

I did a photo shoot of a baby and dog, and OH MY STINKING GOODNESS!, it was the BEST, most HILARIOUS time ever!  We could not stop laughing all throughout the shoot.  Talk about two unpredictable subjects!

Plus, there is this mysterious and beautiful connection between babies and animals that always amazes me.  I mean if you really think about it, this sweet dog is like a horse in size from little Walker’s eyes. But Walker wasn’t afraid and just jibber-jabbered to the dog non stop.  It was the sweetest thing!

Found the cutest photo tips for baby and dog by Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom

I look at this moment below, and I can’t help but see a deeper connection between babies and their pets.  The connection can be so gentle, so protective, and thoughtful.  And even though baby is pulling on the dog’s ears, grabbing fistfuls of fur, or trying to catch that wagging tail, the dog doesn’t waver in her steadfast commitment to watch over this little one.  It makes you want to cry and laugh all at the same time!

Found the cutest photo tips for baby and dog by Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom

There are so many fun moments from this shoot.   Within Your Baby in Pictures, I share the lessons I learned and photo tips for baby and dog you can try when working with best friends at the same time.  And get this!  Brian video taped the WHOLE shoot so you’ll get to watch this hilarious adventure for yourself!

But here is one of our FUN behind the scenes photo tips for baby and dog that we didn’t publish in the book.  The way I got this photo, my favorite one, is two words “Peanut Butter”.  Baby doesn’t have any nut allergies, and the dog LOVES peanut butter.  We decided to slab peanut butter on this little one’s forehead so the dog would stay (literally fixated) for me to get the shot.  HILARIOUS!  All mom’s idea too!  I can’t take any credit!  LOL!

Found the cutest photo tips for baby and dog by Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom

For all my Photo Recipe Lovers!  My f-stop was at a 3.2 to soften the background of French Doors.  I had a higher ISO.  It was 640.  Why do this?  I knew I needed to freeze the action between these two, so that means I needed a fast shutter speed.  My Shutter Speed was able to be 1/2000th’s of a second because my ISO was higher.  This helped me freeze every split second of interaction between the two.

A big thanks to the precious baby Walker and Mushu, the sweet pup!


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  1. I am figuratively dying (I would say, I am “literally” dying but that would probably worry you..). I LOVE THOSE PICS. Biting my knuckle from the cuteness!

  2. oh my goodness. whoever the recipient of those photos is must surely be captivated. simply fantastic.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Foofy doo indeed!!!
    I just LOVE these. This makes me even more excited about your book. My kids (especially my daughter) have always had a special connection with our dogs. I’ve tried to capture some of those moments, but someone is usually blurry. I have a couple of gems, but only by sheer luck!!!

  4. Nickie says:

    I love these photos makes me wish I had a dog. Foofy doo that I have to wait so long for your book but I’m sure it’s going to be worth it.

  5. love these pics…animals and kids are so fun.
    Hey Mera and Brian, see ya on sat in the OC baby Nathan and I will be driving up to model…yay!!

  6. Me Ra says:

    Katie!!! That’s so exciting! Can’t wait to see you guys again! Can you believe how long it’s been since you came to the San Diego wkshp?! Crazy how time flies!!

  7. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    love. love. love.

  8. jeramy says:

    my kids love my dogs.