Special Story Post for Your Kids! Meet Mr.Tookay!

Me Ra Koh

It’s Monday morning, and I thought I’d do something different this by writing a post for all the little ones out there.   Enjoy!

Meet Mr. Tookay!  He lived in our jungle house.  Have you ever seen a Gecko?  Mr. Tookay kind of looks like a Gecko except he is like a GIGANTICA Gecko!  He has green, scaly skin with blue spots that almost glow in the dark.  And check out his webbed feet!  Aren’t those feet cool!

When it gets dark outside, Mr. Tookay crawls out from his hiding place and hangs from the ceiling in our bathroom.  You see, our bathroom was outside not inside!  Yep, when we went pee in the middle of the night we’d have big, GIGANTICA Tookay’s above our heads, and sometimes a crazy bat would fly by too.  There were also two owls that would say “Whooo-Whoooo” all night long, until the wild cats went “RAAAAAAR!”  I guess the owls knew who the “Whoooo” was and decided to keep it zipped for the rest of the night.

But wait!  We can’t forget about those marching ants!  You always had to check the toilet for ants before you sat down.  Yuck!  They’d line up in a straight line, one right in front of the other, and march all around your toilet and sink.  It looked like someone drew a long, squiggly line all over the toilet, until you got a little closer and realized it was those rascally marching ants again!  Who wants to sit on an ant when you go potty!  But the funny thing is that when you sat on the ants, you’d end up squishing them!

You have to be kind of brave to get up and go potty at night when you live in the jungle.  To tell you the truth, I’m a bit of a scaredy cat.  So I would try to hold it all night if I had to go.  But my little girl, Pascaline, was SUPER brave.  She’s nine years old—a big third grader.   She wants to be a photographer who takes pictures of tigers to save them.  I can see her doing a job like that because of how brave she is at night!

That girl gets up every night to go potty at the same time.  She was never scared of walking in the dark to find the bathroom.  Can you believe that?  Sometimes there were even bats hanging above her head, chewing on big seeds, making a mess all over our floor.

Someday, if you go to the jungles in Thailand, pray that you’ve got a Tookay in your bathroom!  You’ll know it if you do because you’ll either see one or hear them.  They get real loud and squeal “TOOOO-KAAAAAAAY!  TOOOOO-KAAAAAAAY!”  They are the BEST!

They will eat up all the flying ants for you.  Why is this so cool?  Well, you can take a shower and not worry about any flying ants bugging you because the Tookay’s are eating them up for you.  Tookay’s are your friend.  And I promised Mr. Tookay that if he kept an eye out for flying ants, I would show all the kids how handsome he is with his blue spots.  You see, Mr. Tookay thinks he is very handsome.  What do you think?


Me Ra


  1. jeramy says:

    cute….a little scary….but cute. 🙂

  2. What an andventure! Thanks for sharing Mr. Tookay with us. You captured my imagination today about nightime potty visits in the jungle. I would be more of a scaredy cat like you. Pascaline IS very brave.

    I love the balance and order of the jungle/nature and Mr. Tookay has a special role as an assistant to make your shower more pleasant. When we built our home, we found black widow spiders had nested on our vacant lot. I was always very fearful of them especially because our children were small at the time. Some years later, we noticed the geckos popping up at night. They would freak the girls out because they looked strange. But, I thought of them as our little guardians because when they appeared, the dangerous spiders disappeared. Now, my daughters are young adults and we still have our gecko friends.

  3. Me Ra says:

    thanks for humoring me today. i just thought I’d try a different kind of blog post. but most of all, i hope your kids enjoy it! And yes, isnt’ the balance in the jungle just AMAZING!

  4. CA says:

    My eight year old TImmy is sitting his big ol’ butt on my lap right now chuckling at your post (and that I just called his butt big). He’s actually a bean pole, but an eight year old is kinda large to have your lap while you are typing.

    He loved meeting Mr. Tookay and hearing all about sitting on ants and such. 🙂 AND he agrees that Pascaline is very brave!

  5. This is so cute MeRa. Both kids loved the story and we all agree that we are really glad we don’t have to look for ants on the potty seat! We may not live in the jungle around here but our soon to be 5 year old, brings plenty of bugs inside for our amusement. Just today I told him the tupperware drawer is off limits. As of this week we have a container of lady bugs, ants, potato bugs, worms, not to mention a Giant mamma moth that just laid over 150 eggs. Oh My! Our newest additions to the family-a Newt and a Chameleon! Not nearly as impressive as Mr.Tookay…but fun non the less!

  6. Judith says:

    I love it. I have to say that is so much fun.

  7. We head to Puerto Rico in early May – I hope we meet a Mr. Tookay!!

  8. Grandma says:

    Me Ra, think you should write a children book . Topic animals children love..
    You have sooo much time and talent. :D). Lu ,Grandma

  9. Hi, Inordinate mail, thank you, i like your concept also!

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