5 Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium

Me Ra Koh

5 Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium – Family Travel Inspiration for Your Future Trips

*This is Blaze’s premier Adventure Family episode he directed and edited; 5 Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium.

We told the kids they could come with us to Europe if they did three things;

They each had to write a ten page, research paper on Belgium, Greece and then storyboard, film and edit their own episode on Belgium.  This is the beauty of homeschool and worldschooling!  Pascaline dove into Belgium’s influence on the fashion world.  Little did we know, Belgium is one of the biggest producers of our major textiles.  Their fashion school in Antwerp is also one of the top fashion schools in the world!  Blaze dove into Belgium’s history, economics, foods, and major sites to visit.   Before our family left for Europe, we had lots of fun dinner conversations about their research.  Five Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium was a result!

Five Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium is Blaze’s Premier Episode!

The kids story-boarded the idea together.  They filmed it while we were in Italy.  And then Blaze took all the footage and learned how to cut it down, add graphics, music and create a final episode.  We’re all EXCITED to share this week’s episode with you!  We hope you like it!

If you have time, leave a comment and let Blaze know what you think on YouTube!

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Talking Points for the Family, Classroom and Homeschoolers

Five Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium

  1. What yummy treat is Belgium most known for?
  2. What are “frites” in Belgium?
  3. How many chocolate places did Blaze and Pascaline try?
  4. What do you like to put on top of your waffles?
  5. Do you think you’d like a 70% bitter chocolate?
  6. Which street food looked the yummiest to you?
  7. Could you live off of street foods in Brussels, Belgium
  8. Would you like to see more Adventure Family episodes from Blaze and Pascaline?

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Five Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium from 13-year-old Blaze. He's photographer, Me Ra Koh's, son. If the kids wanted to come to Europe with her, they had to do three things. One, they had to ...

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episode 30: 5 Street Foods to Eat in Brussels, Belgium

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  1. Kim Birge says:

    The kids did a great job! Enjoyed watching their video!

  2. Dear Blaze..I am so proud of you!!!! You will be a great Documentary film maker some day soon…You are adventurous, talented, and brave like your parents…keep them coming!!..Your friend, Mary M