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15 Things to do in Venice: Family Travel in Italy


15 Things to do in Venice – Family Travel Inspiration for Your Future Trips

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Join Me Ra and Brian for 15 Things to do in Venice, Italy from how to ride the gondolas and pay 75 cents or 75 euros to taking photos at night of the Grand Canal on Rialto Bridge to exploring the vibrant colors of Burano Italy (just a short ferry ride from Venice) and getting inspired to grab your camera from their travel photography and travel photography tips! Forget Italy tourism horror stories! Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world that Adventure Family loves to visit again and again. These 15 (fun) things to do is your Venice travel guide, a fun, quick tour of Venice, to set you up for an AWE-some adventure!

Talking Points for the Family & Classroom

1. What do you think are some of the fun benefits of riding in a vaporetto?
2. Which famous explorer is connected to Venice? Here’s a hint “I say Marco! And you say…”
3. What is the trick to getting a great gondola photo?
4. What’s the island that we take the ferry too? (just a short ride from Venice)
5. Can you guess what Brian’s favorite thing to eat in Venice is? Big hint at 7:08!
6. What’s the name of the famous canal at Rialto Bridge?
7. Do you think Venice looks more fun to explore during the day or night?
8. How does Brian want you to follow in his footsteps? What does he suggest you do? 🙂
9. What was your favorite thing to do in Venice?

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Episode 24: 15 Things to do in Venice, Italy