7 Photo Tips for Markets from Rome, Italy

Me Ra Koh

7 Photo Tips for Markets from Rome, Italy – Family Travel Inspiration for Your Future Trips

Campo De Fiori is one of Rome, Italy’s oldest open markets. Meet the local characters, and there are some great characters!  Try to count all the different types of olive oils.  See the lineup of cheeses!  There is so much romance to be experienced at the market!  Visiting this spot is one of Adventure Family’s favorite things to do in Rome!

Learn inspiring travel photography tips any age can enjoy! And you don’t have to visit Rome to play with these photo tips.  In fact, get the whole family involved and practice these photo tips at your own local farmer’s market.  Camera gear used in this episode is listed below.

Talking Points for the Family, Classroom and Homeschoolers

  1. What photo tip and trick inspired you the most?
  2. Are there any items you recognize in Italy’s oldest market?
  3. Was there anything you didn’t recognize?
  4. When taking photos at an open market, what is one thing you could focus on?
  5. If you only had $2 dollars or euro to spend, what would you buy at an open market?
  6. Finally, if you only have a smartphone, what is one photo tip and trick you can still use from this video?

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