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Where Do Unrealized Dreams Go?

Me Ra Koh

Brian and I have been talking about it all week.  He and I both in utter shock.  I think we’ve had our head down, working on whatever it takes to get this dream off the ground.  When you have your head down, you find yourself in shock as you lift your chin and see the vision begin to actualize.  Seeing you help us raise over $10K in the first four days, I’m speechless!  We are one third of the way there!

unrealized dreams, Me Ra Koh

Brian shared something that made me want to cry.  I had to share it with you because it shows me that unrealized dreams don’t disappear but almost wait for us, wait for the perfect timing.

He remembers us being engaged eighteen years ago.  He had graduated from the University of Washington’s International School of Business.  His dream was to travel abroad for work.  But when we got engaged, he soon heard about how much my own dad was gone from being an international businessman.  He started to reconsider and decided that being at baseball games, birthday parties, and all the rest was what he wanted more.  Brian had a passion for international travel, but he wanted a family more.  And so he gave it up without any expectation that his unrealized dream would come back to him.

Brian looked at me the other night.  He struggled to find the words.  He said “It’s like my dream is being given back to me, Me Ra.  Almost twenty years later, I’m going to live my dream.  And not only is it going to look far better and different than I could have ever imagined, but my family will be by my side.”

Family Travel Show is a Go! Me Ra Koh Media

Dreams take seed in us at the most unexpected moments.  They often seem impossible to achieve.  That alone is what makes them dreams.

I had to share what Brian said with you because I know he isn’t the only dad or parent that carries unrealized dreams.   Brian assumed he was giving up his dream forever.  That is what made his sacrifice so real and true.  And yet all along, in his future, his dream–now our dream–was waiting with a steadfastness.  And all the work he did, all the diligence and sacrifice, all the times he encouraged his family, how he poured his heart into my dreams and visions, every moment prepared and brought him to this day.

Family Travel Show is a Go! Me Ra Koh Media

It’s easy to assume that unrealized dreams simply disappear, but what if it’s all a matter of timing.  What if everything you are doing now is preparing you for your dream.  Keep on the look out for when it’s time to take the leap.  I have a feeling you will see it around the bend sooner than later.  I have a feeling that all our fears of unrealized dreams dying was only that–just a fear–and they still live and breathe and wait for us.



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  1. laura says:

    mera, i totally started crying as i read this post just now. it caught me so off guard to be reminded that dreams don’t die, they wait for us. when we are ready and the timing is perfect, they are still there. it may look different like Brian said, but how exciting for him!

    thanks so much for awakening this in me today. i have been making some new changes, big for me, in my photography business and stretching myself by doing new things: first time to have a solo artist exhibit, first time to share my heart for photography with a large group of friends, and making old frames look old! none of these “firsts” were related to getting older! haha. you are both inspirational in my life. ~laura

  2. BreAnna says:

    LOVE this! So happy for you all!!

  3. Lisa Jump says:

    I love this. SO much. What a full circle moment…I’m so excited for all of you! So inspiring!

  4. Andrea says:

    Love this, Me Ra!! So excited for you all!

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks for sharing this Me Ra. It’s almost easier to believe dreams can happen for others than actually for me. I think I’m still in shock. Or maybe fulfilled dreams are way more work than I was prepared for?

    Either way, I’m still simply speechless that my long forgotten dream is my not too distant future.

  6. Andrea says:

    Thank you, MeRa

  7. Lynda Kennedy says:

    LOVE you both dearly, excited for all that awaits you!