My Word for 2018, Me Ra Koh, Disney's Photo Mom and Sony Artisan shares how she picks a word each year and how to bring intention around living with that word.

The Last Word I’d Ever Choose… ©BrianTausend / Venice, Italy We all have words we identify with. That’s why my word for 2018 didn’t make sense when it came to me. Words like dream builder, risk taker, lover of to-do lists, recovering overachiever, artist, adventurer, disciplined, planner, believer, passionate, inspirational, and so on are words […]

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Me Ra Koh's wedding portrait from 20 years ago! So cute!

Are you looking for REAL marriage tips and advice? If yes, Brian and I are celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary with a special video for you: After all, 20 years ago we did this! Is it me, or does Brian look like he’s a teenager in our wedding photo?! LOL! But seriously, if we […]

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father daugther story of redepmtion, Me Ra Koh

Meet my dad, and hear a father daughter story of redemption. My dad celebrated his 73rd birthday this week.  He’s a powerful example of never giving up, regardless of how impossible the obstacles. Over 5 yrs. ago, he was hit by a teenage girl who was texting while driving. We almost lost him that day. […]

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moms are brave and afraid, Me Ra Koh

Self Portrait with Pascaline I feel like my heart is resurfacing. And even though I have been brave, I want to cry. The last few years have felt like a blur.  I think the moment you start talking with your husband about moving across country is the moment you start grieving.  We started the conversation in 2013–almost […]

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There is a secret to overcoming self pity.  But the funny part is if you REALLY are stuck in the mud and muck of self pity, you don’t even want to read this post!  However, if you give me less than five minutes, you may find breakthrough.  It’s a perspective shift that is necessary but […]

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Our family of four stepped into the unknown on March 25, 2014. We put our sweet home of 10 years on the market, packed all our belongings into storage, and set off to film our dream — a family travel show that goes off the beaten path, inspiring families to become their own adventure families […]

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