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NEW Book! “YOUR BABY IN PICTURES” See the Trailer!

Me Ra Koh

YEAH! It’s FINALLY March 1st!!  I’m on a personal countdown because on March 15th my new photography book releases and starts shipping to all those who are pre-purchasing it!  The title is Your Baby in Pictures:  The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year.

(I’m just crazy, giddy about the cover design!!  But wait till you see what’s inside the book!)

What would you think of FORTY Photo-Recipes for photographing a baby?!  And not just any Photo-Recipes, but Photo-Recipes that are split into the developmental milestones that a baby experiences the FIRST year!  For instance, there are defining details to capture when a baby is 3-6 months that will be gone when a baby is 6-9 months.  Whether you are a new mom, friend of a new mom, aspiring photographer or pro photographer looking for fresh inspiration, I’ve been thinking of ALL OF YOU for two years as I wrote Your Baby in Pictures.  I did the research, dug through the thousands of baby photos I’ve shot and found 40 amazing baby moments we don’t want to miss the first year.  (And they are super sweet moments.)  Wait till you SEE!!  I can’t wait!

There is so much I could write, but why don’t I just say it instead!!  (writing it down just doesn’t show how excited I really am–I had to do a video!  :))  Mouse over the video below and hit play!

Can you tell I’m excited?!  Two years in progress friends, and we are only 15 days from Random House shipping it!!  I could SCREAM!!!

To pre-purchase Your Baby in Pictures at Amazon’s AWESOME discount of $13.17 (regular price is $19.99), goto Amazon or Barnes & Noble to Purchase!  Books start shipping on March 15th!



p.s.  To celebrate this 15 day countdown, I’ve got a fun treat!!  The first 15 people to purchase AND post an awesome review on Amazon will receive a second autographed copy from me!  You can either keep the autographed copy, or you can save it for your next baby shower gift!  Once you post your review, email us at with your mailing address!  MWAH!


  1. Cathleen Woodbridge says:

    MeRa, thank you so much for the love and effort that went into this book just like every other thing you do!!! I will tell you why I am especially excited for this book (because my 4 children are 16 and above.) But, this July we are expecting our first GRANDbaby!!!! I am beside myself to get my hands on your book and to read it and be ready to go through my GRANDbaby’s first year!! Great timing MeRa, Thanks!!! Just for Me! I am honored! lol
    Love you and your love for others!!

  2. Cathleen Woodbridge says:

    P.S. I will be looking for a headband for the 1st shot (if it is a girl). It will be a dedication to you and all of the DC10 Confidence Workshop women!!

  3. Sarah C says:

    Whoo Hoo! Good excuse to buy the book NOW. Thanks Mera! I don’t think we can submit reviewed until the book is released as the star counter isn’t currently present. I guess the race starts at release. Can’t wait to see it. Cheers! Love your joy!

  4. Christina says:

    I am so excited! I am on a personal countdown too. I pre-ordered awhile ago and am so excited to get it!!
    I am currently shooting a “grow with me session” and the 6 month mark will be in April so I can’t wait to be inspired by you, once again, through this book!!

  5. Steph Mason says:

    I am so proud of you and in the early hours of this Tuesday morning, I am totally celebrating with you!! So I need a copy for me… But I need a gazillion copies for all of my friends and for baby shower gifts!!

  6. Freida Hall says:

    Shine On Me Ra! The countdown is on!!! Yay for March 2011!!!
    You must be just beaming because I am sitting here beaming – SO much joy for you!!
    Lots of love! 🙂

  7. MelissaD says:

    YAY! There’s a new baby due at our house this SUMMER, and I’ve already told my husband how much I want this book. Hopefully, he listened. 🙂

  8. Freida Hall says:

    Just placed my order – super eager to get this beautiful book and play around with my 6 week old! 🙂
    Thank you for your time & detail & heart in putting this book together!

  9. Oh, I’m buying one!
    Congrats MeRa, You are fantastic.

  10. Just placed my order… can’t wait to have it it hand. Thanks MeRa and Congrat’s on this amazing labor of love and pure preciousness!

  11. Lisa Ward says:

    I just ordered this book! My baby girl is 9 months old and I can’t wait to try your photo recipes for the 9-12 baby age group. THANKS so much for taking the time to write the book and help women get those great special moments shots of their babies! Oh and P.S. It was so great to meet you at the garden party last week!

  12. I am so excited for you! I just ordered TWO of them, one for me and one for my best friend who is having her first child in July. She is going to LOVE it, as will I!

  13. Natalie Johnson says:

    Yay! I just ordered a copy, but there was no place to do a review yet so I posted a link to my Facebook. This is soooo exciting to finally have it out. Are you going to have a book signing anywhere locally? This book will be a great giveaway for MOPS groups too. So Fun!

  14. Sharon says:

    I can’t wait to get my greedy little paws on your book!!!!

  15. Neyssa says:

    Me Ra, I’m so excited for this book! It couldn’t be timed more perfectly. My husband and I are expecting our first child March 24th! I’ve already pre-ordered and am looking forward to the release. Congrats to you!

  16. Carolina says:

    Wow! What a perfect timing!
    March 15th release of the book, and my baby is due a week after. I can put it into a good use right away … awesome! 🙂

    Thank you Me Ra. I’m off to now …

  17. Bailey says:

    I just placed my order! I will be writing my review once the book arrives! Thanks for using such an AMAZING layout for the book!

  18. Stephanie says:

    I already preordered mine! Can’t wait to see it. I think it will go to my sister in law who just had my newest nephew last week. We’ll put it to us. Question…Is the first step to put on our headband…lol (DC10). Thanks so much for writing this book!

  19. Me Ra says:

    Oh my goodness!! I’m getting a late start to my day b/c my little one was sick through the night. But what a FANTASTIC way to start my day!! 18 comments of congrats and it’s only 11am!!!! You ladies are the BEST!!!

    Thanks for sharing the news on Facebook and blogs!! This was such a labor of complete love. In fact, you won’t believe this. But my Senior Editor, Copy Editor, Content Editor, and Designer of the cover and layout–all these people were WOMEN!! And they all had a baby under a year or were pregnant!! What are the odds! As we worked on the book, they would try the Photo-Recipes at home, not being photographers, and email back to say “It worked! The Photo-Recipe for Chunky Legs totally worked!” Isn’t that fun!

    Every woman on the editing/design team helped me make this a book that would infuse, inspire and especially empower new moms and aspiring photographers–no matter what camera you have! I’m so excited that the time is finally here! We are ALL celebrating!! Thanks for joining the celebration!!!


  20. Melisa says:

    I am going to order this to give to all my friends having babies!!!!

  21. Kara S. says:

    This looks so awesome! I can’t wait to get it. Maybe I’ll have to have another baby to take photos of.. Just kidding! I’ll just someday be the perfect photo taking grandma (one day far far away…).
    Congratulations, MeRa! It looks beautiful!

  22. shawna iverson says:

    Hi Me Ra… just pre-ordered your new book and I’m so excited to get it. I’ve been following you on the Nate show and your blog for a while and find your tips and treats so helpful. I’ve always been interested in photography and do some for my work as a graphic designer but I would love to one day be able to shoot like you.

    Thanks for all your helpful hints!

  23. Brenda Domka says:

    just ordered two! Can’t wait to start cooking with them! Thanks Me Ra! You’ve really inspired me recently!

  24. Kari at MamaBloo says:

    Are you kidding me? I cannot wait! MWAH!

  25. Sarah N says:

    I pre-ordered the book on Amazon and am so excited to receive it!! I have a two month old so I’m looking forward to practicing!

    Me Ra, when I asked a friend how WPPI was, she mentioned that she went to a photographer’s talk and thought of me. Then she gave me your name and website! I told her that I follow you already and love your blog!

    I hope to come to a confidence workshop soon! I wasn’t able to come since my little one was sick, but I can’t wait until I can attend one!!

    Thanks for all you do! You inspire so many! =D

  26. Rachael A says:

    Oh no, not available here in UK until 7 May and my little one is already 3 months. Dont want to miss this milestone so will have to see if can get from US Amazon…:o(

  27. AWESOME!! I’m SO excited for you and can’t wait to see the book!! Yay!!!! You are amazing. 🙂

  28. Liza says:

    I’m so excited. I just have had two new inquiries about newborn sessions and can’t wait to get my hand on your priceless labor of love…Thanks Me Ra…You’re the best!!!!!

  29. Liza says:

    PS Just pre-ordered!!!

  30. Katherine says:

    May 7 for UK? Not fair 🙁 But I will be in sunny Florida soon – is there a good place to look out for it there? Really looking forward to getting a copy one way or another!

  31. Awww! Congratulations! 🙂

  32. suzan says:

    Hi Me Ra,

    So excited and thrilled for you. Burst into tears watching the video, I can only imagine how excited and proud you and your family are! Yeah! You inspire me on so many levels (as I type, two sick kiddos home with me) and this just lifted my spirits.


  33. Rhonda Kane says:

    Yay!!! I tried to write a review when I got home from LA after seeing the book for the first time, but Amazon wouldn’t let me (even though I pre-ordered back in December :)). I promise a shining review from this reader though!!!

  34. Andrea S says:

    Yay, congrats!! So excited to get my copy! I had the chance to flip through it at your workshop, and it’s awesome! It’s the perfect baby shower gift. Thank you for all your time and effort in making this book. I’m sure it will do phenomenally well!!

  35. Me Ra says:

    Katherine, sorry for the delay arrival in the UK! What a bummer!! Include the fact that you are in the UK when you get your copy and write a review, and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂

    Suzan (and all you other beautiful ladies), so glad you like the video!! I love that it starts with video footage of me taking the shot that would be the cover of the book. Who knew at the time, but the simplest moment of a baby’s movement is so precious. Suzan, I wish we could put our sick kiddos together and have tea! 🙂


  36. Brianna says:

    Wow, I want a copy so bad! Looks awesome, Me Ra! Thank you for all your hard work. I will get a copy of this book someday soon. I will!

  37. Kelly says:

    What great timing MeRa! I just agreed to help a friend “gift” a year of photographs to her girlfriend, and was kind of freaking about having so many sessions in a year to do as I was thinking I’d get stale. Now I’ll have perfect milestone ideas! So excited!

  38. Claudia Constantino says:

    So excited and proud of you MeRa! I will definitely be getting this for all the new mom’s in my life! xoxo

  39. Me Ra! I love the video! I remember your blog posts while you were developing this book. The calls for models, the milestones of the book, the sessions of editing! I cant wait to hold all your work for the first time. What a great gift idea for ANYONE who has recently had a baby, going to have a baby or knows someone having a baby.. or even photographs babies 😉 Love ya girl!

  40. jeramy says:

    so fun! i can’t wait to see it. congratulations! 🙂

  41. Delanae says:

    I am so excited! I want my copy now!!! 🙂

    My guess is that we cannot post a review until the book has been actually shipped? Makes sense, but darnit I want to win a signed copy so I can have my own promotion and give away my extra copy! 🙂 😀

  42. I pre-ordered mine. Can’t wait!

  43. Michelle says: excited for you!!

  44. Tricia Pine says:

    Every time I watch one of your videos I start crying big happy tears – happy tears for you, happy tears for the freedom and joy you bring others, and happy tears that am part of this big creative party! Thank you so much! I have pre-ordered and am so excited!

  45. Portia says:

    Me Ra, what is it that you can’t do?! Congratulations! It must be such an amazing feeling to see your labor of love make its debut. I am so excited to get my copy just in time to photograph my cousin’s baby, who we should be welcoming into this world in a few weeks …and, of course, when the baby in my belly makes his debut this summer. Hugs… 🙂

  46. Michelle says:

    I am tooooooooo beyond excited for you!!!!! I ordered my copy a few weeks ago and will be stalking my mailbox until it comes in!

  47. Jen Sexton says:

    CONGRATS, Me Ra! What an amazing accomplishment. I’m so excited to purchase a copy! I’ll be sure to share the book w/ all of my Mom & Dad clients! 🙂

  48. Sue Christianson says:

    YAY!!! I just ordered mine!!! Cannot wait to get it. I didn’t see where to put a review but did write something in the customer discussion section! 🙂

    BTW You were amazing on Sunday. We look forward to see how God expands the platforms you are given to share your story!!!

    Love you guys!


  49. Jamie says:

    Oh this is sooo exciting! Thanks for letting me have a peak at the book at the OC Confidence Workshop. It just looked amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on a my very own copy! My little one will be here in 2 months, talk about perfect timing!
    Blessings on your family,

  50. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Me Ra, to you and your family!!! You have got to be sooo proud! After two years of carrying this sweet baby in you heart it’s almost here for the world to see. Can’t wait to see all the tiny fingers and toes!!

  51. Colleen Echohawk says:

    I just screamed at Matt because I am so excited to see my baby on THE COVER OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL BOOK. We are so thrilled to be a part of such an amazing project! Thank you!

  52. Delanae says:

    @Colleen… WOWSIE WOW WOW!!! Congrats!

  53. denise karis says:

    So exciting Me Ra!! I’m so happy for you – this is wonderful! xoxoxo

  54. Me Ra says:

    LOL Colleen!! I wondered if I’d see a comment pop up from you!! 🙂 Wait till you see what’s inside the book of your sweetie!!! I’ll be shipping you one as soon as I get our copies! Woo-hoo!!!!


  55. Charisse says:

    Yay Me Ra! It was so beautiful! I can’t wait to get my copy. You are so one of a kind my friend beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you for all of the inspiration you allow yourself to be used to share with so many women.

  56. Phillipa says:

    Well done my friend. Looking forward to getting my copy signed 🙂

  57. christen says:

    Yay, I ordered it and I am so excited for March 15th!! Also, the closest thing to a review I found was the ‘starting of a discussion’ – so I commented there! Congratulations Me Ra!!

  58. Colleen Echohawk says:

    Me Ra – Matt and I laughed and laughed because I screamed at him that Zoey was on the cover of your book, he ran over to look on my ipad screen and then I couldn’t really believe it was her and I said “Wait, wait is that her?” Then I looked up at the wall where the same picture is hanging! Lol and then I got even more excited!

  59. Congratulations!! That is super exciting!!!

  60. Lisa says:

    AWESOME!!!! Me Ra’s recipes–yahoo!! The only kind of cooking I like! This sounds so incredibly amazing!!

  61. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Ordered!!!!!

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  62. Samantha says:

    Yea! I have not felt very successful with newborns- I need this book!

  63. Wendy Roob says:

    just ordered my book on Amazon and wrote a testimonial!!! Cant wait to get it!!

  64. Holly says:

    I just saw you on the Nate Show and immediately purchased on Amazon for friends who just had their first baby…can’t wait to get it!

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