The countdown is on. In less than a month, our family is planning to take our biggest leap ever. We are putting all our belongings in storage, putting our house on the market, and buying one-way tickets to New Zealand to film a family travel show around the world. We are taking a risk with kids. The kids […]

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Do you risk shaking up all that is known and familiar to follow a gut feeling? Move beyond myths to discover the process of committing yourself to your art. by Me Ra Koh

As we allow our art to evolve, we give space to grow beyond the limitations we can struggle to hide behind. The risks and rewards of committing yourself to your art become almost overwhelming. To start is one of the bravest steps we ever take. If you struggle with multitasker tendencies, you know the angst […]

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My Self-Portrait with My Twelve Year Old Daughter

Get ready, it’s a long one today!  My self-portrait with my twelve year old daughter is where I start my new year. What started out as a creative experiment six years ago became a passion.  Self-portraits are my way of visually documenting the different seasons I walk through as a woman, wife, artist and mom.  […]

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creative exercise for the new year

Let’s dive in to a favorite creative exercise for the New Year! You can do this in seconds or spend ten minutes processing it with your journal.  Both are great!  The creative exercise is simple.  Simply consider the question “What is your WORD for the New Year?” One year, my word was adaptability.  Do any […]

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creative exercises to end the year, Me Ra Koh

4 Creative Exercises to End the Year – Me Ra Koh Today is about setting you up to finish the year strong with 4 Creative Exercises to End the Year! It’s hard to believe we are in the last days of the calendar year.  I often find myself in deep reflection during the last week […]

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preparing your heart for the holidays

Preparing Your Heart for the Holidays – Me Ra Koh The holidays can be a joyful time, but for many they can also be a painful and uncomfortable time.  If you are hurting this month, I’ve written a handful of posts around the theme of preparing your heart for the holidays.  One post was on […]

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