one of my heroes, Me Ra Koh

I recently met one of my heroes.  It was a huge honor and our unexpected meeting is a part of our plan for giving to the refugee crisis today.  Since it’s Giving Tuesday, we are going to release all the wonderful leftovers from our last 12 Days of Deals.  This is the best part, 20% […]

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Hear Me Ra Koh speak in October

Come hear Me Ra Koh speak in October! Do you live in Boone, NC, NYC, Madison, WI or Minneapolis, MN? If so, you are invited to a special event! Sony and their partners (B&H, National Camera Exchange and The Camera Company) have invited Me Ra to do Mini-Workshops in Boone, North Carolina, Madison, Wisconsin, NYC […]

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essential oils for traveling, Me Ra Koh

Our family spends a lot of time on the road, and there are five essential oils for traveling we always bring.  Learning travel tricks and tips along the way to make the journey easier is what it’s all about.  Brian and I have a passion for learning to thrive, and we love it when friends […]

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There is a secret to overcoming self pity.  But the funny part is if you REALLY are stuck in the mud and muck of self pity, you don’t even want to read this post!  However, if you give me less than five minutes, you may find breakthrough.  It’s a perspective shift that is necessary but […]

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Determine if You are Failing or Succeeding

What determines if you are failing or succeeding?  I have to ask myself this question to stop a vicious mental cycle.  I want to start the new year with a pause, a long enough pause to ponder this question.  If I don’t, I sit like a merciless judge overlooking each day’s events with a critical […]

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6 Essential Oils We Use Everyday

Cultivating a creative life comes in many forms. It’s much more than the moment you sit down to start creating. In fact, all that we do throughout the day either feeds or depletes how successful our creative time will be. What we eat, how much or little we exercise, and supplements all play a role. Essential oils are just one facet we integrate. These are the 6 Essential Oils We Use Everyday.

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